Brussels, Andrew Wheeler, EPA discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


From abc news i'm todd ant michael nadi tweeted late wednesday night that has client stormy daniels was arrested in columbus ohio or performing the same actually has performed across the nation at nearly one hundred strip clubs daniels was arrested for letting patrons toucher in violation of state law have an audio tweet this is a setup at politically motivated it reeks of desperation we will fight all bogus charges the founder and public face of papa john's pizza john schnatter resigned as the company's chairman afterwards revealed he used the n word on a conference call with a marketing agency in may now the city of jeffersonville indiana schnatter's hometown has removed his name from a fieldhouse jeffersonville mayor mike moore can't have it on a piece of city property especially were little kids are gonna be walking into to get educated schneider came under fire last year when he said papa john's sales were hurt by how the nfl handle the national anthem controversy he stepped down as ceo two months after those comments under fire for his warm embrace of russia's vladimir putin president trump jolted the nato summit wednesday by turning a spotlight on germany's ties to russia abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran reports washington is worried about the president's moves on the world stage there are republican senators are trying to stop it but they aren't going to be able to donald trump clearly wants to de emphasize america's relationship with western european allies and increase america's relationship with the kremlin that is his foreign policy term moran in brussels the new head of the addressed employees wednesday at the agency's headquarters in washington acting epa administrator andrew wheeler said he like most epa employees is there to protect the environment when president trump called me last week and asked me to take the lead he asked me to focus on three key areas he said clean up the air clean up the water and provide regulatory relief i think we can do all.

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