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This is just for. General is not even slaves. in general not economical. I'll find this as being an issue. If you want to be competitive finalises been doing well. And then i'll use that on. Slowly adapted to fit will play so that Pick anybo cup. So that's how. I would suggest anybody wanna play any kind of balmy fines. Finds anyone competitive finalist. Well play play around with it and then you probably you might. You might completely straight a whole list but it just gets you playing with the army and knowing nola synergies All the roles. Do you add in slow. He added in these different wall. Roles in how fits your place style. Very thing Three and fantasy always was how you play East you kinda. Saudi adopted how you wanted to play the game. So you'll listen becomes your own. Even when people tried to pick up a random listening to him. Nothing doing well. The probably won't do that very well. It's like an play with eight. Made it around us. But we've slaves is so we signed many was using this This calm comb. Despoilers lists with lows name prince In using it and then jump in and change in the way that play Plus ns Around roles david prince's concerned terrain off. Very good tag a shooting. You can lock brought blind aside with not role in allows you to play the whole every mission You're in it. You're in it to win it within that context so Need out the and other really right off. Yanni's dum well. He's one couple of tolerance always come On but even the z. Each off yanni enslaves. Threes is obvious. Choice because he just benefits the role so well now in agency mall free. Yeah i'll k. On just for anyone. Who doesn't know yet because i haven't played with the beak bad right you know. He is a super durable hero. He's got to gain access to heroic actions. he's gonna get access to monstrous rampages and the war. Scroll is so thick that there are so many amazing abilities and you know from the being able to heal being out to bring in Zaentz action and being the is it called. It was so many combinations out there. But it's interesting that you've mentioned any. He's like a thousand points right so if you'll playing a traditional two thousand point game. He's essentially hoffy least so annoyed and obviously he's going really well right so he's going really well will. Let's acknowledge that you mentioned earlier that you you don't take him or you don't write him. lovely dot writing. But i'm show you've got other choices as opposed to he's trash talk to me about the stuff and what what you're thinking is right now with the big bad. I think i think if you learn history ignore him play the mission and will always feel the that can try and play everything you can never have. Analysis has a good much for the game is everybody. That's how it is but always toys screens Unit just these big errors australian often on a big base..

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