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So they're like, ruined grease sitting in these songs. That's enough. And I mean, that should have been Greece's beautiful. Well, from a musical, you need like the magical like glitz in like some choreographies some numbers, and they like in the second one, they were like, well, we didn't do at that time, but now you're getting that movie musical magic that you're missing from the first one. So this is so interesting because I've heard the opposite. I mean, not with the imagine doing now is there, but I that the plot is like no clue. Well, it's like it's mainly half its flashbacks half of the plot. Remember that stuff that we talked about the happened in the first one. Well, now we're going to show it to you because it's like, okay, hooking up with the three guys that she taught like they talked about this, you hooked up with and like intersex companion. Yes, exactly. So I mean, do it ladies. And if they don't slut shamed, ours is just living life in Europe. And it is very, like, I'm like, oh, that is like my Sexcapades in Europe just without the musical numbers, but they didn't sing a song. Fernando and I had a Fernando when I was in Barcelona. So it's very true. It's very true and shares in it. Yes. And she plays and I love Shan. She plays. She's she's a wonderful, and she plays Meryl Streep's mother, which is funny. 'cause because they're only like two years par-three but yeah, like, yeah, that's, yeah, you're right. You're. So a lot of potholes, I will say, oh, you're not going for the plot continuity music. They just a fun. The sex. I was just fighting so funny that when movies are doing the sequel what it's like and they don't hold up the continuity, it's like, but you could've did Dr. Couldn't you just sit down and watch it and be like, oh, take notes of this shares supposed to be dead. So like they've made, oh, make references that how did her mom is in the first one, and then she's like, live and all these, like what the hell that makes no sense to me. I'm like, if I'm going to be doing something, I'm going to read what I did before. What I see. Well, let me okay. Take note. Not be like now, here's new thing. None of that happening do it. So. So no. Oh tip for everyone else. Let me get my notes. Hot tips from an sugar Turbe gave you share on Twitter? Oh, yes. I agree rate just be like by and then put an emotional waiting hands share face. And then slipper hair. That's what I imagine. Wow, I got gotta share voice for you. That's. You didn't know. Share, but I'm not letting that go. I loved you shift is. Up. Can't figure out how to order a pizza bits again, handle this jets share you gotta workshop. Sure. Chelsea real tweet soup was like, I'll just. And it's gonna be good, but you I don't like share this fat Albert's nuts. Okay. Has no. My father is like her and the money. That's my Jennifer. Hudson is armed. Her New Hampshire. Stinging and the sure gotta flip my hair over mama. Mia mom's coming out and you can't see this 'cause there's no video, but I'm flipping by share flipping. I'm flipping do this. Yes. What you're John Travolta. You put me on the spot. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not a dolphin that does tricks for you. You're a man. You trying to say that my John Travolta might sound like my hair and all. Line that he does..

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