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We gotta work in coming up here. From channel Lil mice aka little mica. Excellent accident land Shoko Pamir next on the cruise show. Every meeting. We feed if. In. I appreciate it. So much fun. This morning. Thank you for giving us your time every single morning greatly appreciated here crew one six number one for hip hop. Let's get let's see put on the go ahead. This is my new hit single the show exclusively on power one. Oh, six crew show expo. Every morning. Have never made a little month in your life. It's always amazing. And we're taking you back. So we can milk. You. Fantasies? Exit the. Says. Let's get it grew show. This is a world will comedian. No for one for hip hop. Home. Gelo? This you want. Way. On your. I think we got a hit on our hang back votes. That Rancho Ryan on my toes. Ex ak. Fire dog. We gotta play the game. Mike. Move that much. Six. Ex. Back home..

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