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There is very little known about where John Get. Your was what John, catcher was doing between one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five and nineteen, seventy eight. There are no public records available from that time that make any indications. The next time he POPs up was October of seventy eight. That's when he hit us first wife divorce, and he married his second wife, Linda and Caputo despite his criminal record. Get your at a second joined a scout troop, while in Ohio. According to an April first nineteen eighty article in the Newark Advocate. They were in the. IOS Society. Which is an explorers posed open to all youth ages, fourteen and older adults. Which is dedicated to teaching native American traditions and these public records detailing this marriage and this move. John is using the last name. Get through spelled G. E. T., R. E. W. instead of G. E. T. R. E. YOU Remember by now. He has a rape on his record. So, this was a deliberate effort to distance himself from that crime. And now between nineteen, seventy, eight and nineteen eighty-eight, we kind of lose track of John Together and there's very little that we know about what he was doing during this time. And this should probably be the period of time that we're examining the most closely when attempting to connect him with these other crimes. In nineteen. Eighty Ada John, pops backup on the public records radar when he buys property and Alameda County, California and at this point, he is a father with Tucson's. After moving back to California, guttural lived a seemingly unremarkable life in the bay area from the eighties to the present. He was raising a family and joining civic organizations such as the elks lodge. In two thousand three, John's second wife dies of cancer in the early two thousands. He really leans into this quote. Unquote American Dad this sort of vibe into thousand seven. He served as the Exalted Ruler of the Fremont Elks Lodge Twenty one twenty, one in Fremont California then in two thousand eight John Married his third wife, and you have to remember that when John Get was to reading as a family man, he was killing, and yet he was not a law. Enforcement rate are whatsoever, but somebody else was. Vice failure ran soccer the east area rapist, the original night stalker, who we now know as the Golden State killer from nineteen, seventy, six and nineteen eighty-six Joseph Diangelo was doing the same thing. John Guitry was popping up and killing in various cities across California. That man is retroactively. Almost just as difficult to track in pinpoint where he was what he was doing, and where he was working as John gets its. And deangelis murders a gun on solid for almost forty years. When the FBI announced that they reviving their efforts to capture the man, they were now referred to as the Golden State killer. They offered a fifty thousand dollar reward. They put up billboards with the sketches of the GS suspect. And while it was known that there was this revived effort to find a suspect. Known at that time, really knew what was going on behind the scenes. Law enforcement was using genetic teleology to search for GSK. And with Jess K. genetic genealogy technologies snagged its first big win, and that was the capture of Joseph Dangelo Golden State. Killer. And on the heels, their success, and the use of technology to capture Jess K they started to look to genetic genealogy to solve other cases that had long been considered cold last week profiled the murder of Margaret. Williams, and we discussed how Margaret's little brother. Evan was only seven years old and living on the base in Germany when his big sister was killed. Well as an adult, he called the law enforcement assigned to the Golden State. Task Force to tell them about John Gastro. In while Barbara was much older than Evan at the time of Marcus, murderer and the base. She certainly knew who Margaret's little brother was. My sister two days later Arabia. My sister was walking back from having Babysat for somebody and she saw Bevan. Bingo look their apartment window. That was open and he yelled down to her. My sister was killed. He was seven and a half. My sister was killed. Religious looked with him what she said say. She came home and.

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