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Welcome back America is a big 10 song. That's why you've heard it before. Have you watched any big 10 football? Meaning? You're a football fan? Not that FCC nonsense. If you've watched big 10 football, this is where they popped up all the Brutus, Buckeye and Stuff like that. I love that song. Welcome. Good morning. Good Friday to you. Let me do a market report boss you by birch gold. Birch gold takes care of your gold needs, whether you want to buy physical gold, or you wanna roll over a portion of your IRA for a one k into a precious metals back IRA or 401 k, meaning that they actually get the gold and put it in a vault. Your name on it, and it stays there until you call for it. Gold today is 18 $51 announce its down 510.77%. I don't think they're going to be many entry points below this. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm not a prophet nor the son of a prophet. The 10 year. Treasury is at 1.1%, which is up a little bit, but the The gold market is there and birch gold can be found at Hugh gold dot com. Or text my name Huge 47 47 47. Every day. I warn you, We cannot print this much money without inflation. It's never happened before. Inflation is a lagging indicator of the money supply gone amok. And we need to do the money supply gone amok. Do not get me wrong. I'm all in favor of hosing down the country with money. I was a big fan of the Josh Holly original Plan of business interruption. The easiest thing in the world would have been cute one over Q one. Q two over cue to cue, three over cute three for businesses with three years of more experience. In a different program for younger businesses. Josh Holly's program would have worked. Winstead. We got paycheck protection plan, which worked very well. I'm not sure that the Biden pays five is going to do other than Do right by people who are chronically unemployed in the restaurant business, but that may be necessary. I'm not going to object to spending any money, but I'm gonna warn you. Gold is your head your ultimate hedge. Cannot have CDs or money under the mattress. You've got to invest in something. If you're conservative. Well, the best thing to do is diversify. 10% to 25% in precious metals 50% in stocks, 25% in bonds or or something else in the balance in cash. Diversification is, you know, got up cash in case something happens where you got to be able to get your money in a hurry in the in the case of something emergency, but that's just I'm not a financial advisor. I just listen to smart ones. Diversification. Part of that is gold. The best place to buy gold is birch gold. That's why by my gold from Hugh gold dot com or text 47 47 47 great sponsor of the program. Yesterday. Of course, markets were another great day for market. Right. Just another great day for markets and I don't know how long that's going to keep up. I don't think it's going to keep up today at the matter of fact, Europe is getting crushed today. On All right. The The reason Europe is getting crushed is because of the new strains of Covad. That have, uh Crashed across all of the Um Countries where the new strain is existing. And that is a very bad situation for the European hospital system, much of which it is government run, and they've had as much notice of anybody. Right. They have known everything. Let me tell you yesterday the Dow was down, 12. The S and P was up. 1.22 and the NASDAQ had a good day up 73 bucks. Amazon, of course, had another great day. They were up $43, but Don't expect that today. I think today is going to be a retrenching day. Brian and Pittsburgh. You have less than a minute. Good morning, Brian. How are you? Yeah, quick to questions real quick. What do you propose Republicans do in light of the outrageous behavior by the president with the mob attack on the Capitol. I listened to your interview of Red Stevens and I agree with a lot of what he said. Concerning the issue of dealing with Trump. Now I also understand where you're coming from with the Constitution.

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