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Dan as regular letter writers Mr Richard Feder was the name of this Y. bell's brother in law so I bell says Ratner got the idea for resound resented Danna from a song willing Johnny Johnny bow Bonnie banana fana fo finally P. five four one eight Johnny if you put in Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne again it comes in the well they're all then and now and enjoy one of those fancy she Nancy help you know the ones where it's really expensive than John but it's worth it because you get to see a lot of people that just don't know the bill the partnership for me was magical I was in love hopelessly in love says why bell but rather had a rule they would keep their relationship platonic years after Saturday Night Live Radner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by this times white belt was working on it's Garry Shandling's show when it looked like writers health was improving she was a guest on the show I'm sorry I haven't been on television for a while that yeah what was wrong I had cancer what did you have whether it's Gilda Radner Billy crystal or Garry Shandling first Y. del there's nothing better than writing as a team you have a healthy respect for each other but it's slightly different so the alchemy makes it something that neither of you could have done by yourselves as the subtitle of his new memoir puts it Allen's wife bell has spent forty years trying to make funny people funnier Elizabeth Blair NPR watch it you're listening to weekend edition from NPR news and your listing on KQED public radio it's five thirty five starting April eleventh the moon is the biggest single object in the night sky that's visible to the eye alone but many objects that are too faint to see are much bigger an example is a nebula in the constellation bail it spans about sixteen times the width of the moon almost the size of your fist held at arm's length and it's getting bigger all the time the villa supernova remnant is eight hundred light years away it was born about eleven thousand years ago as seen from earth when a supergiant star exploded.

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