Andrew Yang, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Donald Trump discussed on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show


A clinical trial involved involving hydroxy chloroquine that anti-malarial drug is being suspended by the World Health Organization and making the announcement, the WHO referred to a report in the Lancet a leading British medical journal, it said the treatment for Kobe nineteen promoted by some including president. Trump can cause life threatening cardiac arrhythmia trump announced last week he was taking Hydroxy Clark one to prevent code nineteen, but did say over the weekend that he has finished the medicine. The US air is ending height restrictions to make way for more women until now pilot applicants had to be between five foot, four and six foot five. The average woman is five foot three while the air force approved most height waivers. They say they didn't want to discourage. Nearly half the female population, instead each pilot will be screened and placed in an aircraft specifically chosen to fit their body measurements. Did you enjoy your three day weekend. Wouldn't it be great if all weekends were three days yesterday? Former democratic, presidential candidate and Tech Entrepreneur Andrew Yang tweeted three day. Weekends are better than two day weekends. We should seriously look at four day week. Work workweeks studies show that we would be just as productive create jobs at the margins and improve mental health and quote is not alone in his thinking. New Zealand Prime Minister Radius into Arden had recently suggested a four day workweek could help boost productivity as well as domestic tourism and create a better work life balance. Well, yeah I would get more used to having three day. Weekends and not destroying myself so that on the third day I just feel terrible the whole time because this one. I'm like. Oh I don't have to work on Monday. I am going to tear it up on Sunday, and they just you know I. Half asked the entire day yesterday because of that. So I would like more three three-day weekends so I could get used to three day weekends, Val. GonNa. Take some getting used. You'll figure it out. Week three in three day weekend. You know somehow I think this is gonNA boil down to like the argument against having a four day work some. How's it going to be infringing on freedom? Actually it.

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