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Can see that. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that a guy like Jermaine Johnson falls. But we can pull it up. One of these edge guys is going to fall. There's just so much walker Hutchinson, you know, thibodeau. We had to get to 8. Some people think he's a potential first overall pick. I would put an excuse me, I would put Jordan Davis in that group. 'cause I think he's that exposed of an athlete. Devonte Wyatt and all these guys, George karloff, it's like somebody's gonna fall. For us, it was Johnson. Yeah. But somebody's gonna fall. Carlos is filled too. In terms of the Patriots at 21, I know a lot of people want a corner. I hear you. I think dadson hill or Tyler Gordon could come into the conversation if they were able to trade out of that pick. If we had them trade out of 21 because Jermaine Johnson wasn't there, right? And it was the rest of the guys that were there. Then I think they go end up going DB with that pick. But they're a DB in the second round type of team. That's just what they do, right? Outside of Devin McCourty, that's what they do. From everything that you hear about the Patriots and I get that this time of year, I treat everything with the Patriots as a giant grain of salt. There's no real solid information coming out of there. But getting somebody close to the ball, getting someone in the trenches or closer to the line of scrimmage, I think is what their ultimately thinking, whether it's offensive line or defensive line. We end up going defensive line with a guy like Jermaine Johnson, or edge defender, whatever you want to call it. So I think that they would ultimately leaning towards trenches here at this pic. I think it's going to be trading out. I think the trade out of the pick, move into the back end of the first round or the early second round and get their daxton hill or get their kylo Gordon or get somebody like.

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