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You don't often see doing incredible work for a team captain. He's more of a an individual's which isn't a criticism but it might also explain. I know i think he's. He's got be goes for the the olympics. But it's possibly one reason why wasn't on the shortlist for the current quicksteps told him and it looks as though he's not going to be included. No he's not going into the tour that's for sure. No no no. I mean he Famous is the. tv isn't he. But he certainly doesn't sound like he's on rails should've earlier but it's never too late to shoehorn. Something champs mentioned kevin being trained by franck philippe the one machine any real clues or too many clues about how well juliane is going over there. We did attack when it was too late in the french nationals on sunday and but francois what are your thoughts about the likelihood of a repeat of two thousand and nineteen with elephant. Because i mean it's been well. It was well documented. Last week he'd be. He became a father and you look at various precedence in cycling of riders becoming fathers and then just performing incredibly well usually better sometimes worse but usually better when they m become parents. Yano rick famously. Became a father on the eve of the two thousand and three tour de france that was probably his second best or third best toward france. he finished second behind lance armstrong. And then there are other examples maritza fondriest becoming a father the night before he won milan-san raymond and it just strikes me with the root the way it is the possibility of going into the yellow jersey. Oh being close the yellow jersey early on the tour maybe carrying that momentum through in the same way that he didn't two thousand and nine thousand nine that is there and it might be another classic vintage alfa obviously as much as is main target last lesson where the words obviously when he saw the roots. We always mentioned the tour de france. Course designed french riders by predom- most of the time. It doesn't work like you know odd. Ucla you know this is the ideal for baldia and that usually it was a year about underperformed saint for pinot. I mean a chris. Even this week was was clear about it. I mean you know. Sometimes he denies designing courses for any purpose. But e this week predom- said and an easy to less just imagine that giuliana philippe might be in a yellow jersey in brittany. Debt would be great. That's what he said so. Obviously the the first three days in britain have been designed for off. You need to take the yellow jersey because You know dummies. Well aware that with the with the competition of the euro football and the olympics looming if he wants the tour to keep making headlines at home especially if the french dwelling football In needs to have geology deep in in yellow and and and after they'd been almost the only serious of a good friend show in the tour and knowing the guy a little bit..

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