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Imperial hint he was coming into this race on the heels of one of the more impressive efforts visually, and even from sweet figure standpoint, you will ever see in a great one when he just decimated field in the Vanderbilt up at Saratoga, he comes in here. This was nothing more than a means to an end to get to the Breeder's Cup, sprint, where he is likely to be the favourite. He did not disappoint here is the stretch run of this year's Vosper four point three, seven seconds. They're into the stretch and imperial hints under I ride here. AVI are Castellano takes pick back. There's no one coming Mr. crow is second. So Varietes third outside, it's just so easy. So. Easy for this little rocket ship, imperial hint gear down enough us Berg and that it was Mr. crow. Second never asked to run a step. Imperial hint gets the job done at odds of one to five. Mr. crow runs second twelve to one and silver ride runs. Third, odds of sixteen to one stick. Look at the winner of the Vasbert imperial in twelve eighteen lifetime one point, four million dollars in career earnings owned by Raymond Mamone trained by Louis Carvel junior bread by shade tree thoroughbreds incorporated in Florida ridden victory behavior. Castellano in the pedigree, the bottom of the horse card. He's imperialism out of a la- hint, mayor named Royal hint speed figures. Not that impressive for this race. Ninety nine buyer one sixteen time former us rating for imperial in, but he was never asked to run a step. Again. This was very reminiscent of that effort up in the Vanderbilt Sarah toga. But the difference was this field was just far inferior to what he faced up there, and that's why I'm really not dive into this race to too much. I look at it and my only concern and the only thing I'll say about this. Race, I imperial is the best printer in the country. I don't. I don't think there's any question about it. No disrespect to the west coast sources who will see coming up this weekend at Santa Anita. No disrespect to the sprinters will see down at Keeneland this upcoming weekend. I think if imperial runs his best race, I don't think anybody else's better than him. I, the only sort of caution and concern that I have is, did he get enough out of this race? And I know you look at those splits and you see twenty to forty four and one fifty, five and three, and they stopped the clock eight and one. The main track at Belmont on Saturday was exceptionally fast and the way that he moved. It reminded me a little bit of the only time this year that he got defeated. He got defeated. He was defeated. He got beat, put them all together. You get my point going back to the race at Churchill Downs on your weekend, and I know it was seven eighths of a mile. I know it was a wet track, but he has one on a wet track in the past. So I'm not going real use that as much of an excuse. My thought was, did he lose that day because he hadn't gotten enough out of his race prior down at Tampa Bay downs where he faced a foreign fear group. He looked visually just like this, never out of first gear. Did he get enough out of that race going into a race like that race, that Iran Churchill Downs? I'm wondering, is it going to be a similar situation here? Did he get enough out of this going into the Breeder's Cup sprint because when the real running starts there, he's just not going to be able to cruise Pat by those horses. You're gonna have really legitimate sprinters in there. The ROY h is of the world, the ransom, the moons the world will see what Whitmore does coming up this week and you can have some really nice horses in there. I still think imperial is the best horse barn. I, it was just that one little piece of me in the back of my mind if I'm trying to poke holes in an effort as impressive as this, did you get enough out of this to be at his best? The first Saturday in November, for the Breeders Cup, we'll find out for the time being he's going to be the favorite imperial visually. Awesome. He gets another great one gets the job done in the Vosper ninety. Nine buyer one sixteen time.

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