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Both ends because that's the weird thing about it's the opposite of the core that they may okay. It's a cord like it's meant to plug lightning headphones into three point five millimeter. Jacks of that's weird. So i guess so then. It will be wired headphones. Yeah i don't know if it will work for the airpods max that That's what i thought you have lightning headphones and you wanna get all this like you want to get all these features i maybe it will. I tested it yet. I gonna or. I mean that's those are cheap. I think all of that and but these are really value. Convenience over quality truly wireless. I'd like both please. If don't mind. I know we won't someday someday we will but maybe when there's a new bluetooth codec. There are new newer codex than aptex that supposedly sound better bluetooth. Five supposedly sounds better. Most of the we shall see would have been nice to have that Headphone jack choice. Mr rene ritchie thank you so much rene ritchie dot com no youtube dot com slash rene ritchie right. Yes what what are you got a new thing. You're doing a new rene richie. He's changed his oh changed his tone. Yeah well i went through. I don't want to board one of the details. That i went through like in my personal life really really hard week last week. Wbz and it caused me to reevaluate. Doing things wire was things. I was going for a really. I spent a month working on like packaging my content for youtube and what would get high retention and you know it would be like More click ball and just got so based Because i didn't sleep because dub dub and because i was going through all these issues that i just and there was just such like get triggered when there's reporting that feel like is being opportunistically What's the right word when it's taking advantage of a reader rather than trying to educate being. Oh god yes. Oh they're trying to like you have an opportunity when something happens and apple doesn't explain her. Google doesn't explain your choices. I can use that to click bait and exploit my audience for those clicks or it can educate like i can do the work the research figure it out and explain it to you so that you you might love it you might hate it but at least you're doing smart. That's what you do. That's that's what i really tried to. But i was getting away from it but i was putting. I think. Too much pressure on myself. Too tightly package things in so now. I'm just turning on the camera. I'm not worrying about scripts and not worrying about editing very much. I'm just recording And i call it based on just because like i feel like my audience connection is more important to me than any imaginary youtube. Growth factors should be good job. You came to the right decision. Why do you think my shows are so crappy. Because i don't care about optimizing or engagement. I just turn on the mike and we have fun. We talk with people we like about things. Do you think are we. Try to tell the truth. We try to find the actual truth if we don't know it. I think that's exactly right well done. I was going to trap where i was like looking at some other channels that were growing really really fast and they were doing things like they're announcing the every video was price and date for apple announcing products that don't exist right or you know. Here's apple's and for apple's august event leak which doesn't exist they were just getting hundreds of thousands of us and i was like. I can't compete with that but at least i shouldn't care anymore. You shouldn't compete with no. You should not try to compete with it. I've had come to grips with that as well. I mean everything you know You see that happen all the time. It's been happening as long as i've been in broadcaster and At some point you just have to say you know. I have a higher goal in life. Good good job and you do great stuff so keep it up. Youtube dot com a special interview. Coming tomorrow just little. Tease a good interview. If i finished editing and in time. I should have a really good interview everybody to while. It's actually. I believe a hazard of having the apple. Beat it's a very challenging beat and there's a lot of competition and It's a it's a hazard of that beat and so i commend you for for doing the right thing. That's good. Don't court the lemmings as punchy rumors seventy. It takes me a while doing rumors because they were too stressful. Seven for a long time. Said we'll never do rumors on these shows but then there's so many weeks without anything but rumors we have to otherwise cover them. But i don't break them anymore. I don't want to be involved in a but i'll cover them to tell people if they're reasonable or not. That's what we do. I think that's the right thing to do because people hear the rumors. We gotta tell them whether it's worth listening to make decisions on. They should buy this computer now or should they way you give them good quality information to make a decision. That's important to them for their money. Hang in there my friend if you need me to come up to montreal and buy some smoked meat and bagels. I'll be there if i let me in. I don't know if they'll let me in any time not yet. But when you're by the time you're trained goes it'll absolute. We're definitely stopping in montreal when we do the train. That's for sure. Thank you rene andy nocco. We'll take the train to visit anti to. We could make a whole east coast ways. Yeah i'd love to lease has been begging me. Actually she says you've got gotta do andy's tour the boston public library. It's amazing very old and they just reopened the boston public library for the kim buildings. For tonight you can walk through all the really great spaces. Oh nice are you my. When are you going back to you. be h. is that when that happened. I don't know don't know when the reopening the studio But i'm i have. I've i've been to boston only once and that was just to have dinner with some friends in harvard square. Swim planning next week probably to spend my entire day. Just walking around and realize redress myself to the squirrels rangers myself so that greece stuff the ppo. I miss boston so much. Used to going there once or twice a week. And i've seen the the inside of the mvp and that's pretty much it Last month yeah yeah The squirrels. You andy i can tell you they they missed. They missed their their modeling. Fees in the form of unsal salted roasted sunflower seeds and albans yum. You give moments that's class man most peanuts. That's just a legume again. Sometimes you some time. If you want the best the best in the business you know they. They book up easily book up quickly. They like to i to be like the school where they're just what. What can i add to their portfolio. They had to ask before they actually book. Tanaka gives us actual nuts. Andy is at gbh in boston. I h nato dot com. and of. Course i'm not co on the twitter. Thank you sir. Thank you I just a program note We have had for a long time at feet. Called the twit bits which is youtube dot com.

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