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I don't know that I've ever worked this hard to find an argument for a guy. 'cause usually I'm pretty much like, well, no, I don't think he's there. But in part, just because the conversation gets to be so toxic, I was like, I want to do, I don't want that to influence my thing here. I want to really dig to try and find what the argument is. The most sound argument for him and this is currently still possible for him to reclaim with the sixers tied in the standings of the box after the bucks lost to the Mavericks on Sunday. Is of the three major candidates, Joel embiid has legal league in scoring is a defensive monster is hugely impactful just in terms of if you can't do anything with them, has become a much better passer, especially a double teams. That was always my knock on him. He's doing great at that. He works really well with harden. He's still the season a good mid range shooter last year. He was a great mid range shooter, fall a little bit there. But mostly it becomes trying to rebounds, not historic, just a lot of rebounds. Lazy leg and scoring for the team with the best record amongst the leading three candidates. That's like the best summation of the argument is legally scoring for the team with the best record of the three candidates. That to me is just not enough. The sixers have a lot of reasons. For their success, none bigger than Joelle. The team still really good..

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