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And it's just a lot of work you've gone through this with takers before kickers will go through stumps quarterback so go through slumps wide receivers look at the drops and yet you said you can't get these guys competence and is just going back to fundamentals have you found like a way to get more success a higher success rate and getting guys back and how have you done so i think you gotta you gotta help them have some small successes you know i mean we back trysted out there in those forty whatever yard field goals and he's got the leg to do it but those are a lot harder to hit the 20yard field goals you know if those 20 are vehicles he makes him because he missed a both by about five inches and so you know some of that we got a boy help him out was to be easier closer distances and and just build confidence that way through hard work in small successes you guys face cal this saturday night at 745 vinet guy that you know well i and the head coach taken over for callan justin wilcox uh he was here with washington did a really good job as the defensive coordinator for a few years and i was at boise state as well with you so you know him at what have you seen from a cal team that had not been very good defensively for years all of a sudden you're watching them now and it's this a lot of the same personnel but they look like an entirely different team and they'd had a lot of success the seasonal what is jumped out take you about what has changed i mean they're playing and not only i mean there's definitely completely different just more inspired it looks like just playing harder and and really on offense as well they they were always kind of prolific on offense but absol it's completely different style but they just their tougher to defend across the board on all three phases and the kids are play order there's some guys that are that are back that are the same but a lot it's a lot of new faces and.

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