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Series twelve trailer. I think the biggest thing on people's minds right now related to Doctor. Who is the trailer we got four series twelve? Looks like we're getting to see some returning classic monsters. Looks like we're GONNA get a new look for the twelve doctor in the form of more formal attire. Something with a bow tie. I'm looking forward to that. I always like it when the doctor dresses up looking forward to that. Also I like costume varies more than just a little bit. I think that's always fun to see us before that. Look forward to seeing more of the FAM. I'm looking forward to seeing how the thirteenth Dr Tackles some enemies that we've seen other doctors tackle like the Cyberman and possibly the daleks. So that'll be fun. I'm inviting senior against one dollars. I wonder how she will do against a fleet of dialects so yeah looking forward to look forward to more of the Dune I always liked their Koon speak their Mojo Role Ho stuff. I thought that was funny. So yeah serious. Twelve looks like it's going to be great. Can't wait doesn't look at me have much longer to wait for. It looks like we're getting a New Year's special perhaps so that's just a few months away very excited series. Twelve looking forward to it. I ordered myself thirteenth doctor's scarf the other day in anticipation of series. Twelve holidays. Well it's Thanksgiving As record this and I gotta say I'm not a big Fan Holidays I. It's not that I have anything. Gets THEM PER SE? It's just that I'm somebody who likes to just more be home. Do my own thing than being forced to do something like hanging out with my family and stuff like that. I did go over to a friend's house. We had an ice friendsgiving in that. Was it was lovely. But for the most part I I often wondered why certain holidays are a big event for some families. And let me say if you are someone who really digs. Thanksgiving really digs Christmas. And it's really important to you and your family. That's great you have taken time. That's been given to you by your work or whatever and you made it specialty. You and that's great. There are a lot of holidays. I mean there's a lot of holidays and not all of them. Were special that everybody and so I am often struck by why we are stuck in this kind of Rut of holidays that are important to some people but not everybody and that if there are holidays that are really important to you that a lot of times you get to have that day off or you have to make special arrangements to have that day off so it would be really cool if I could take November twenty third off every year because that November twenty third is far more important to me than Whatever Day thanksgiving seems to land on November twenty third? Being the anniversary of doctor who I'd love to take my birthday off every year. I think having a personal holiday would be great but I don't necessarily need to have Chris. I don't necessarily need to have Thanksgiving but that is it is what it is in my lifetime. I hope to see a change in that. I hope that there could be a little bit more respect for holidays across more cultures. So that's what I'm hoping for. But how did I spend my holidays? Thanksgiving? I watched a little bit of doctor who force the macro terror just came out and started watching it on the fifty sixth anniversary of doctor who are watching and I also watch some eleven doctor stuff and some third doctor stuff The third doctor stuff is where I am up to in my view. Watch of the whole series and the eleventh doctor stuff is what I am up to in my rewatch of new series stuff. So that was fun. Always love watching Doctor. Who macrey terror something? I have never gotten a C. Before so seeing it in the elements animated glory is awesome. I'm watching the color version. Might as well watch color. I figure because it's not like this is exactly what it was before they try to recreate how it was before but really enjoying it. Patrick Troughton is a doctor that I have always admired and really liked one of the reasons. I have not doug the first and second doctor as much as other doctors because I haven't watched them nearly as much as other doctors and the show was kind of in a pro form. At that point it hadn't really solidified some of the ideas what it is to be doctor who yet so I kinda like it. When it's a little bit more solid has a little bit more of that mythos behind but yeah so I spent the twenty two November watching doctor who I watched a little bit more doctor who on Thanksgiving Day and watching a little bit more doctor who today second anniversary this reporting of this episode is the closest to the anniversary date of this podcast positive It was November twenty fourth twenty. Seventeen when I first launched through positive and it's been two years now and I thought I would reflect a little bit on things I've learned my second year of podcasting One of the things is that this year has been really rough for me. I had a really rough year battle a lot of personal stuff and come through it and I am really grateful for this podcast because it gives a positive outlook in it. It helped me like feel that I was making something Mostly for myself. But if you're listening to this great when I'm trying to do is I'm trying to build up place for people to have positive fan. Dial where people can talk about the things. They love how much they love them and why they love him and what it means to them to have this thing that brings the joint in their life. That's what I'm trying to do and because of that I'm probably going to open up more to other phantoms. Besides just doctor who? I talked to a couple of guests pretty soon. That's the other thing is I'm going to have more guests in in year. Three I am planning on bringing a little bit more energy to this podcast now that I'm through this rough year. I think I have the emotional wherewithal to put more effort in. Sorry if I have been out lacking lately but I think I can really get back on the on the ball on this one. I think it can really bring bring more to the podcast and I'm looking forward to that. I had I learned not to do a podcast while I'm doing laundry which has worked every single time. I accept this time. I've actually doing laundry while I'm recording this yet. Second Year still in it. Still Love and doing this and I might not have been as on the nose with my posting this year but I am definitely GonNa continue on into your three and I am GonNa wind up some more great guests. I mean talk. More people about what their phantoms meet them and wipe brings joy more of `gate-keeping and phantoms. I'm really curious to see if my phantoms are. The only fans that do geeky stuff or if there's geeky stuff in every fandom and I'm just not aware of it as much in other words but anyway you're to lots of fun it was A. It's been a place where I can Get some comfort and some solace so I really appreciate that. I very much appreciate your listening. So yeah who positive. You're three coming up. I've been Andy. This has been. Who Positive thank you for listening..

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