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Free talk live number. Here is six zero three two eight hundred sixty one sixty. You can bring up whatever you want open phones as always with the in the studio tonight. It's ian piglets. Mountaineer the lord. Reverend captain kick ass is also here so you can bring up anything we're gonna go to your calls and thoughts and oh forget you can join us online anytime you want. Head over to freetalklive dot com. Hang up before you just want to clarify or actually in addition to what. I've already said about the republican party and the democratic party's is if you believe in either of those parties you are in a cult which you don't recognize right now we talk. We've talked before on free. Talk live about the belief in government being cult of its own. Oh yeah and within that culture are these two subculture sure called republicans and democrats. They fool people into believing they're actually different right. It's the divide and conquer thing and what they're doing is they're saying. Oh you people with pitchforks. Need to hate the people with the torches and you people with the torches need to hate the people who works when indeed the people who are doing you wrong. Are the people running the system. People selling the pitchforks and torches correct. Well and as a sin squared was quick to point out that the Another sub colt is the shave headed part of them. That actually enforce all of this nonsense psychos. Let's continue with your calls and thoughts. We've got major pain. He's on the line listening in michigan to ws e. t. k. Fm in alpena major. For us all right. I i had an xm money. And i know how you was freed on us locked up in their cage so bring back bring back bring back. She's not on tonight. Says the same sure. She's heard that one before but here she has salted or at one time i called in and i thought she was the captain girlfriend. Nobody's asking raise the hackles on the back of her neck. And so that was just my apology. Thank you major pain. I'll be sure that she knows that. you called in tonight. So what else where you calling in about. Well i started you guys have thrown out so many frisbees. I don't know what your dog. All right Well i called in originally about this Child care payment thirty five hundred dollars. Three thousand a year and You know it's the same story of kings they give with one and they take with the other and i think this is why the left handed people have gotten a bad rap because we seem to be there. You get with the right hand but they take what's left. Well well anything that they have taken. I yeah but the only ones that are in the right state of mind the left-handed people. Okay we were on our brains. He's left curious to know how many of you folks their mind this radio station or left handed side of the brain the hang on major the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls. The left left side of the body right here for left handed. People are the only people in their right. Mind thanks for explaining that joke. I appreciate it. I'm here for you here to make you look the. What was it more reasonable or in this case more clueless. Thanks major pain appreciate. Ah anybody here. Left-handed not but i would also point out that That is reverse true for your face. Ooh yes it is. I was So my birth parents split early And i leant towards lean to use my left hand more. My birth mother was a left handed person and she started teaching me. How to hold things. Like a foregone. And all that kinda thing and then at some point. I had to live with my biological father and he was having none of that. No son of mine's going to be a self pot. I really societas with some sort of demonic thing. Their religious people. So show like i was prohibited the hand of satan the from using hand so taught me how to hold forks and right and you know that in school and they're like my son's all right handed you teach in the right hand and that kind of thing. So what did you say it's sinister sinister is literally the word for that hand really. Yeah dexter and sinister y- referring to okay so normal in this in this context People will be Will be right handed. So they are dexterous with their right hand and the left hand because it doesn't do what you tell it to is sinister Who knew yeah and Because of that there and some other things. There was a big association between the left hand and the devil witchcraft to like when the salem word left-hander who Glenn danny has a song called left hand black right and this is just you know another version of sort of you know the left hand makes you evil or something like and it's your left shoulder you're supposed to Toss the salt solver in order to get it in the devils i which is what that That was about salt over the wrong shoulder. A let's go to your calls more of them david on the line in new mexico. You're on free talk. Live load david. Hey yeah there's a new article on this State of new mexico. Cps or c. y. Fd new mexico controversy. This is the from abc q. Journal dot com ex employees. Seek cyo fd contract investigation two days ago And the new stuff. And oh and first of all the reason that i bring. This stuff is because for a decade The powers that be in the state in mexico have pooh-poohed my allegations of corruption in the states. State of new mexico's children and family courts and i'm just one individual and they dismissed me because i'm just one parent that Has got a you know. A single one of the judges and other bureaucrats who've gone down for corruption charges. They're just an isolated incident right and so whenever evidence presents. That's not my case but other people's cases that support my allegations. I'd throw it in their face. Sure and so. This is a good example of that especially since you know tell. Cps wife dee are synonymous with the children and family courts. 'cause cya fd. They don't do anything without a court order so it's their hand in hand and the latest on this is that the they're the to whistle blowers that were fired after they blew the whistle which is a violation of law. And they've complained. They filed a lawsuit about the Under the whistle blower protection act and they've now additionally filed complaints with the attorney. General hector balderas in the state of new mexico and they have filed with the newly created new mexico state ethics commission on ethical That'll change everything finally got an ethics commission. Yeah i'm sure they won't investigate themselves and find the medicine.

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