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The right breast with lymph nodes on the right and left armpit and thou disease of the lungs. So she has stage for cancer, she's continued to refuse all treatment. Her wettest dropped from one hundred and forty pounds two hundred seventeen pounds. She's lost twenty five pounds. She's six feet tall tall woman. She had a CAT scan one of the big hospitals a few months ago and showed cancer in the lymph nodes and under the breasts of sub Pattro women have pectoral muscles. Dislike men there were cancer spread down to the sub pectoral area journal memory nodes lung, and she generally believe it or not is feeling pretty good. Her Esther receptors were positive and she came to me, she's married. I should tell you one more thing about her her mother and two ram mothers had breast cancer. So there's three direct relatives. All with breast cancer. I examined her and she had bilateral lemons, right and left lymph nodes in the armpit up to three centimeters. And there was in the right breast massive distortion of the breasts. The breast was about sixteen centimeters distorted the breast was hired discolored in all consistent with cancer infiltrating through at my fist. My fist size fourteen shoes and big hands. My fist is eight. Centimetres? Her cancer was sixteen seven meters in that breast rock-hard, and I met with her. We spoke about all the options and she now after five years understands more about her breast cancer and wants to start treatment to try to get these symptoms in this cancer reversed. mrS the work that we do every day every day at thirty four Broadway. We take care of women with early breast cancers late breast cancers massive breast cancers and tiny breast cancers, we have the ability to do that we have the understanding experience. And we have a team of doctors physicists though of technician. Nurses and staff here for you. And you can call and get information even now call two one two choices to and two choices. It's two and two choices because two and two means New York City, and choices means we've truly believe you have choices for medical care. I want to talk about a woman who is seventy eight years old. She has one son shade comes to us with a history of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure and congestive heart failure who had abdominal pain and had colonoscopy for years ago had called Oscar said to be negative and the Levada half a year ago or three quarters of a year ago. She had called Oscar p and a cat scan just found heaven obstructing mass. In the signaled colon amass in the signaled call and the doctors tried to call NAS Coppee colonoscopy is to look inside the colon intestines, and the mass was so big the doctors were unable to pass the scope through this or beyond this mess. The cat scan showed a five centimeter mass of the signaled colon which is next next to the rectum. She was seen by doctors at one of the super pooper, big hospitals. They wanted to do surgery can imagine this the doctors told her they wanted to do surgery, but they told her that most likely she wouldn't survive the surgery. Wow, reminds me almost of like the supreme court judge who gets surgery then you don't hear from her again. Well, we hope to hear from her. We hope she has a speedy recovery. But imagine the doctors at one of these super pooper big hospitals are recommending colon cancer surgery for this woman, the seventy eight year old woman, but telling your most likely, she wouldn't survive it. Wow. She's lost wake two years ago. She was one hundred forty five pounds should now. Dow tottered and twenty why do people with cancer lose weight? Well, often the cancers this eating through the body needs nutrition to grow to the cancer to grows eating away at her body. And so I saw her and we evaluated her. She had a scandal of her body. There was nothing else beyond this five centimeter mass in the signal. Eight colon should atrophy of a kidney inch it assist. And I saw her examined her and she came to me last year and wanted to be treated. You wanted non invasive treatment because she understood that surgery could be complicated. She may not survive the surgeon, some south's, this time told her that she probably wouldn't survive the surgery, and she came here for non.

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