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Thursday night Tyler Mari play just one series for the cardinals completed six of seven passes for forty four yards he was also sacked once before the drive stalled out and the cardinals were forced to punt giants Daniel Jones five of five for sixty seven yards and a TD pass in is only series thank you to giant stadium the giants did beat the jets in the pre season opener Dwayne Haskins two interceptions also took to sanction the Redskins loss on the road against the Browns ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky on Haskins performance you saw the ball come off visitors and decisions in in him push the ball downfield you look like you guys should start at the end of the only really good I mean I was the first girlfriend on the run so some things really really well done by the eagles backup quarterback needs said felt suffered a fracture to his left wrist during the eagle's loss at home against the Tennessee Titans subtitled it's going to have surgery Friday injuries not considered to be season ending baseball from Toronto Thursday night yanks took the opener twelve six against the blue jays Yankees have now won nine in a row G. O. or Charlotte his second straight to home run game he knocked in four Indians now within the game of first place in the AL central but the series opener seven five over the twins at target field red Sox behind Chris sounds like the angels three nothing sale thirteen pays over age shut out any chance at all blank the Phillies five nothing Madison Bumgarner relievers combining on a one hitter the Phillies and giants marked in the middle of the NL wild card race they go head to head this weekend coverage begins tomorrow at three thirty eastern and Sunday at six eastern on ESPN radio and on the ESPN by using ESPN radio station first and last is presented by progressive insurance reading a lot of time this morning talking about the NFL understand which show the love games of the preseason slate last night's but.

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