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Heard at the top of every hour on my talk 1071 And what have you learned to learn? Yes, there's a new lady in Brad Pitts Life. Brad has been spotted vacationing in the south of France. With 27 year old German model Nicole Potter all ski rubs letting us get to his head. The thing with Paris, right, you know, and boldly professionally by the name of Nico Mary. Has graced the covers both Harper's Bazaar, Germany and the September issue of Elle, Germany. We want to talk about bizarre she looks just like Angelina Jolie. Actually, Elizabeth made a really good comment. She said. She kind of looks like a combination. Of Angelina and Jennifer Aniston. Oh, my gosh. Take another look and see if you agree. Okay? Okay. The Daily mail reports that the model wanted to become a marine biologist before being discovered at the age of 13 by a talent scout at Disneyland. Sorry, Deve. Disneyland Paris. It's like he's looking for these stories, right Other news out there, he's thrown all the French headline. Here comes the Eiffel Tower Story. I get it. She is the mother of a young son. Can I just say one thing? Not age appropriate. There you go by Donna. What? Rambo? Let me guess. This next story is gonna have something to do with the Pixar movie. Amber Riley will perform.

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