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Jason. J. lewis the voice superman on justice. League actions wade. Why you're listening to the cuts out things for talion five cats and superman and we discussed kings cartoons. Tv shows and finding on facebook threat twitter. Welcome to the krypton report episode. Two hundred twenty two. I am tyler. The man of tomorrow. The superman blue and with me is the men of muscle the superman fred. The man of steel. Mr james cole. Welcome james tyler. how's it. How's it going tonight You know kids are crazy life school. Good yeah while yesterday. We had the cider cut release so it was. It was a long day. And that's all gonna say until sunday when we recorded. Yes we do have something on our plate before and unfortunately life got in the way and actually pushed us farther to recording this than the normal. Yeah stupid life but we got some pushing us till after the snyder. That's kind of the hard part like that's all we want to talk about. We gotta talk about this. Let's see here. And i want to talk about this idea already to news wise short newsy we guess casting news for things we got eliza helm has been cast as a young cat grant in season six of supergirl set music you. Some flashback work which is interesting. They have cast the actress who will be naomi for the upcoming naomi series. Her name is casey wall fall. So that's intriguing. Great to hear casting. I don't know either one of them yet to hear casting. Same thing like it's more of just the idea. Same thing with Josh beer in cloud knowlton have joined supergirl seizing six and recurring roles. Bears catchers crab as being famous or noted crypto. Nian who plays an important role in helping kara danvers. When she's faced with circumstances beyond her control meanwhile bolton will play a mild-mannered alien who's able to assist supergirl and her allies and their last mission to thank for her tragic Philip his tragic past and then today they've come out and said that. Lena luther is going to be a big part of superheroes inner circle for season six. And you know it's going to be the all the emotional stuff. That car is building up to and experienced. All these seasons is going to pay off in. This season is supposed to be very heavy ride. So okay.

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