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This is will manicure that goes just got beckham's alone it's got my neil degrasse put up a wardrobe so maybe illidza nerdy here sued tomatoes ashley in you know i i you know this is just these jump scare their predictable their projected very very hard you know you know they're going and it just in the movie early now i will say that they do certain things with the jumps cares where i'm connell with it i don't want them do the whole movie but i'm kinda with it because at least a they're they're they're doing it in context with the story okay these jump scare as you see right there has come out of a closet so the plane with the put the the structure of the house in there are times when jason clark you know he'll come up on something all of a sudden he'll just see dead people like zombie crazy creepy looking dead people and it works because he's a drug addict okay yeah because after seized on me like hottiger lay out there sitting there he's he's being scared straight exotic bala opium experiences on the ground we robbery burner or your mouth timidly soaking yeah you know all these things they work in the story and that's fine and they got the look of the movie down reserves plan you some of some of the early where the you saw how the house was you saw how the house was put together where is just crazy looking construction right there in four budget of three point five million dollars i mean the sets looked pretty pretty good for the money now i know any number of much plow with doors in about you cannot on depot but they use it well.

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