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Great. Ten minutes. See on Sunday. And that shows you when you have great chemistry and understand the psychology of wrestling, you don't have to sit there right here like, oh, it took him 6 hours of pretty good match. I'm like, what the fuck? 6 hours? Are you kidding me? Oh, they got in a fight, putting the other match. Who's fighting over a match? He just make it up. You do whatever you want. So that was so quickly put together. And then of course, execution is the next thing, which we had perfectly and I'll say one more thing about it was I thought that the finish should be me going over. Just the position that I was in, I had big matches of triple H and laws. They had big matches with Austin lost and I just thought it really fit better if I won. I would always go to pat Patterson who was a pro wrestling Jedi. He was so smart with psychology. Yeah, just a great, he was like Yoda and I was like Luke Skywalker in his little knapsack running through dagobah. And I was just trying to have him explain why it made sense. He goes, it doesn't matter who wins and loses. Because you do need to do something at the end. And that's when Vince said, watch his cooker. And the nuts. And I was like, it's great. So that's why we did the thing where we hug at the end. And it's almost like a two Brutus and I kick him in the balls and he did this. He's Sean is such a great baby face. Like most guys would just go down and sell, but he kind of did this thing where he kind of melted down my body. Just look on his face. And just collapsed. And it was just the ultimate finish for this amazing classic match that still, in my opinion, is one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time. Recently, wi had the money in the bank pay per view. And the money in the bank match came around a you came up with the idea. So 2004 you did the match with Christian at

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