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Approval by the Maryland department of aging Hey tell me okay wise mammals which has check of our forecast Hey Tony already a good amount of sunshine out there this morning with these chilly temperatures in the twenties but that's not gonna help get our highs up to forty nine degrees today with just a few passing clouds as we head into tomorrow after a low of thirty six highs only reach forty five cloud cover is gonna be thickening up through the day invite especially Friday afternoon and into the evening watch for at least a couple of showers across the area doesn't look like much but some spotty shower chances and will carry that chance into your Saturday with a high of forty seven we're dryer but chillier Sunday at forty one by Sunday night into Monday next week we'll watch a stronger storm system moving to the Ohio River valley it looks to bring us a mixture of some rain and snow turning colder Tuesday and Wednesday with highs only in the thirties after W. okay why forecast about Milosevic that thank you Tony Cruz here get your H. back system check for just twenty five dollars from absolute services the people they bring you absolute overhead door now have an H. back good company that they've hired great professionals and are still looking for more just like you have your license heating and air tech and you've really been looking for a new gig you want great pay and a great company to work for the call absolute services today at five OO to five six one eighty four forty four now keep in mind you've got to be a license heating and air tech because they only got hired professionals with absolute services five six one eighty four forty four if you need a new absolute to if you need a new garage door you can contact absoluta red door that same number or progressed or breaks down unfortunately for you not so bad because of the do a great job for you sixty five oh two five six one eight four forty four absolute services an absolute overhead door telling Tony crew set you I'm told C. Gabbard I'm running for president and I approve this message as a soldier it breaks my heart the twenty of my brothers and sisters.

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