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These tools because and just for listening, I go to do this because Dave made me. And I go with Joe polish and vision locking, boasts have been total meditators. You would say when you went to 40 years of zen. Like me, never, never did anything. They're like, go on in there, they put the electrodes on your head and you go and sit there in a dark room and then you hear these tones and you're supposed to make them do something. And I'm like, what am I supposed to do in here? I'm sitting here writing a talk, you know, I'm like in my mind and I'm like doing all sorts of stuff, nothing meditated, because I don't know how to meditate. Right. And it was just interesting to try to figure out like I could not figure out that whole first day, like, why is that going up? Why is it good? Craziness. But I think now it was such good feedback. The thing that's always a challenge with going to a meditation retreat is, you know, especially for someone who's kind of a type a and wants to get an a, is it's like, well, how do you know if you did this right? Like, how do you know? When I'm at these meditation retreats with our buddy, doctor Anne shippy, and she's often outer space somewhere, you know. And I'm like sitting here going. All right. And Tim went with her. So, you know, these things that give you some feedback so you go, oh, all right, well, when I did that, that seemed to work. That other thing did not work. You know, writing a talk while I'm sitting in there is definitely not working to turn my tones into violence. Yeah, when I first got to know you, you were not as relaxed as you are now, and you've done the work with doctor Joe. You've done 40 years in a bunch of other stuff that people may know about may not know about I'm not sure what I've talked about. But the level of calm that you just walk around with and just like happiness, it's a big shift. And it comes from that kind of stuff that's in the spiritual hacking part of smarter to harder. There's just so many things accessible today that you wouldn't be able to find or maybe hadn't been invented ten or 20 years ago. So all of a sudden, you know what, if I want to do this, whatever this has a sense of calm, have a sense of focus, there are just ways to do it that aren't very hard. And since so many of us believe in our almost like if we don't work hard, we didn't earn it, but do you know people who work hard and don't get results for their whole life? Yep. In fact, that would be more of them than not. Right. It turns out working hard doesn't get results. Right. It's not highly correlated. Working hard does create suffering. That said, if you don't know how to work hard, you probably won't be successful. But if you work hard all the time, you will just suffer. So there's kind of a conspiracy to trick you into working hard all the time at everything you do for someone else's benefit. The reality is that if you have the right tools and then you work hard for a brief period of time and then you rest and recover and play, you will become a very powerful human being. And that's why I wrote smarter, not harder. That is a beautiful statement. And I think for a lot of people, it's just getting the permission to then take the time to have fun and play. And realizing that probably in for your best health, whatever that means, that's probably the more important part of it. It is the more important part of it, because even if you're saying, oh, I have a food addiction. I know I emotionally eat. I have all these uncontrollable cravings. There's nothing I could do. I'm helpless. Learn how to regulate your nervous system and your brain and you'll find out you're not helpless. And the goal of everything I'm working on right now across all of my companies, 40 years was in, upgrade labs, the bio acting conference, and especially danger coffee, which is my new coffee company, now that I'm no longer with bulletproof. Danger coffee has a huge dose of trace minerals in it. And these trace minerals are necessary for your body to be able to respond to the environment around you. So if you pick up heavy things and you want to build muscles and you don't have trace minerals, your body will just get stressed. So I put them in the coffee, but it's called danger coffee. Because I want everyone to be dangerous. And what dangerous means is not out of control. It doesn't mean it's emotional. It doesn't mean senseless risk. What danger means is that who knows what you might do? Because it's under your control. It's putting you back in charge of yourself. And the reason that's dangerous is because you can do anything. You could stop and you could help the little lady across traffic. You could be nice to someone who's being a real jerk right now. But you are on programmable. And I want a world full of dangerous people who choose to be kind. I do not want a world full of people who are so tightly controlled, beaten down in malnourished, that they're sort of kind because they are too tired to get up off the couch. Well, those are the people who snap. Yeah. Exactly. Those are the people who snap. So I just want to run through a couple of these things just so everybody's aware, you have smarter, not harder, the new book out now, so that's definitely one you want to grab. We're going to put all of this in the show notes. You also we're going to give everyone your 14 day sleep with day program for free, so you'll be able to pick that up too. And I'm going to put all of this at JJ virgin dot com forward slash smarter, we'll also put links to the conference I have no idea when someone's listening to this. This year is an Orlando and it's a very cool conference to go to. Amazing speakers, amazing panels, and then this expo hall that is like a giant adult playground. It is super fun, super cool stuff going on. Any other things I'll upgraded labs, of course, coming to a town, a city near you. When are we going to get a Tampa one? You were like we were so close. And then you were going to build a corporate one there, but there's so much interest in Florida from franchisees that I'm pretty sure we're going to have a franchisee sign up for Tampa. And I would assume Tampa Tampa's like a hotbed for all of these fitness researchers that goes like there's so many of them here. Who knew? So that's very exciting. So let's get one going here quickly because I need one. There's only so much room at my house at this point. And then anything else I didn't mention here that would be important to mention your danger coffee that hopefully will have some kind of deal for our listeners. Hello. Hello, Dave. I'm just thinking about it. Come on. So you want to discount code for danger coffee for your lips? Yeah. I'm just thinking, how am I going to do this? I'm going to make up a code. And by the time you post this, we'll have it for you. That will be awesome. Lose code JJ, when you go to danger coffee dot com and we'll give you a discount. And I'm going to talk to my team today. And then we'll figure out what it is. There will be a really juicy one too. So we'll put that in the show. So I always like to ask that coffee is fabulous. It makes you feel different because the electrolytes and the trace minerals in it make the coffee hit different. And of course it's lab tested and all that kind of stuff. So it's noticeably different. If you want to put butter and MCT oil in it, the way I've taught people millions of people to do it. That works too. You don't have to, but it's a great combination. Awesome. Perfect. Okay, all of that will be at JJ virgin dot com slash smarter and thank you so much for hanging out with me. As always, it's always fun and enjoyable and fantastic. And when do I get to see you? I don't think I could see it till August. This is ridiculous. Anyway, hopefully, you won't be in Austin when I'm there, so I'm sure we'll figure something out, maybe you'll meet me in South Korea, Bali or something fun. So it's been fantastic again, JJ virgin dot com slash smarter to learn all about all of those things and get some great discounts, freebies, et cetera, and make sure you grab the copy of your book. Thank you. Be sure to join me next time for more tools, tips and techniques you can incorporate into everyday life to ensure you look and feel great and more importantly that you're built to last. And check me out on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and my website JJ virgin dot com and make sure to follow my podcast so you don't miss a single episode at subscribe to JJ dot com. See you next time.

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