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It's just the vitamin store. You know I like to support them over say like a corporate giant like gene and I was buying some pre workout a a powder to take just caffeine and the guys like. You're not competing in anything. Are you like fifty one. I'm properly no you can still competing in amateur cycling. Yeah drug testing is a world. This has some weird ephedra or something daily while still take it but to have to please. I figure if it's the worst thing I'm taking The I'm okay with a little ephedrine the system. The best stack was aspen. Ephedrine a cup of coffee. That was the best stack. Would you do that before or fight or for training for training thing and I became a legally like okay and I can't do it. Got Back off so I come from. I come from wrestling so my thing. I was getting drug tested from the time I was sixteen until I retired from the sport I was getting drug tested all the time and because I would pass I really believe this could be. I could be full full of shit but I really believe because I fit the eye test of a guy that it should be on steroids but because I kept passing the tests that they're like let's just keep testing them because approves that hard work and dedication kind of gives you this. This is my own internal monologue harbor and dedication location proves that you can actually have the body of a guy steroids. Without having to steroids there was just testing to show. The everything's real and he's okay but the reality of it is that it is name. I'm just getting pulled and once I got done like somebody asked me. She's maybe year ago. Like what cost interview is like what would it cost you to come back and fight and like I have a number. I'm not worth that number to fight though but I I know what the number is when you come back to fight. But I'm not worth that number to the promotion. I'm not worth that number to. Anybody involves so. Why would they pay me that number? I was like I can't pass the test because like Bell for Henderson. We're on TRT loophole. Aw I I mean what did you feel about that because like has a fan it was awesome for me to see like Henderson. Forty six like shredded and like like in Belle for like I do. I was when he fought tank Abbott crisis guys like you I mean did you like to the I mean. Did you consider that cheating for those guys or no because so I wasn't entirety back down. I wasn't on understand it but I was like no. It's not cheating because it's not illegal for people that go back. After Jose can Saco from baseball let me go back after him. mm-hmm made no sense to me. He was already out of the sport and when he was doing it it was legal. They won't drug. Oh I injected this guy and I sold stuff that this Guy Blah Blah on whatever okay. It's a great story but why are we going after a guy because the rules have changed. It's the same thing and forgive me for getting all over the place. The same thing we're going to have to Kevin Hart for the Oscars for for for the homophobic homophobic. Josie did ten years. Like who yes. He made a mistake. Sure you've apologized shirt. But there's a different era. You can't come after me for something. That ten years ago was funny as hell that we all laughed at Donaldson now is culturally sensitive. You can't be mad at me for something. It's like saying you drove seventy miles an hour on a road that has fifty five ten years ago but the spirit of seventy now. So I'm totally fine. I drive seventy all all day long. No no but back Danny drove drove seventy miles an hour and it was only fifty five. So I'M GONNA give you speeding ticket. Well how does that equate to anything. That's just stupid. So when Henderson and Vandeweghe and be tour and all those guys. Ron Tear tea back then no not cheating completely legal when they shut the loophole down you saw and Henderson. We had to fight. Right and Winnipeg for some reason candidates the theme. Today when he had to fight in Winnipeg he had to come off because they had a loophole to where the pay commission. T's not allowed so he had to come off right before he got up there and he's like and then he fought went through the training. Camp is like okay. I'm off to. You'RE NOT GONNA be on it anymore. And then four months or five months later that they all commissioner again. We're all we're all closing the loop on T.. Knowing to do charity anymore but Tennyson already come off on his own because he had to fight the section thirty made it illegal so no not illegal. Now it's illegal you guys get caught on a okay but then also to Who was the female she just got? She's got caught again or a tainted supplement. And she's like I gotTa retired from the sport because now my band is for years. All right I mean looked at We're going to end the instagram live. Feed right now out for those of you. You're going to have to go to apple. podcasts listened to the rest. This is Emma may legend. Frank trigg like it's pretty exciting to have him on here so Support the episode. And we're GONNA look up. Who this girl is? I would guess it was fallon. Fox is transgendered. No she's out she's out Ali. He's out of the gain after SEM and Smith Theater. That was kind of end of it for her. Might be. I'M GONNA look it up. Jessore oh she spends a with an engine overhaul. I know that for sure but anyway so so she got hit because of a tainted supplement and she proved the first time China look as a settlement that was approved by you guys in this commission. You guys not this commission but this was Sada I forget which one is which 'cause I'm not party judge protocol is it. Alex Nicholson. I'm not trying to interrupt. Oh she got suspended for years. I'll figure it out. There might be destroyed. I'll find it anyway. So she she gets popped and she's like I got. I proved it was a chain of salt. Meant from something that you guys have on the list of someone someone some allowed to take and this has a ban some in it so you guys approved. I followed the direction. I followed the protocol. I went through the list. I took something off your list. I used it tonight telling me I'm a legal. You gotta use a little bit better about a little bit better about about how things are she takes. I WANNA say like a man but sticker suspension. Like a woman and walked off she comes back and she popped again for another supplement. That's on their list. That that she shown is on their less. She's allowed to take and forgive me. I could be slightly slightly wrong on this but if I'm wrong and then yellow yellow earl don't yell at me that that She now is getting a four year ban. And I'm like this makes no sense. It makes no oh sense that this is a gift of amount to take your then telling me that d supplements are okay for me to take I take some and then I get I get a pop hot and you test test and you find out that I'm doing something illegal. I prove is from this summit the levels in my system everything semi system shows from this supplement. That's not from something else you you guys get the empty cases from the same law and test it and say yes there. Is this this illegal substance in the summit. I do it independently at my own. Cost to another lab. They independently determined. Yes this illegal substance is inside this supplement. This is how you got from. This is lot numbers from this because all these are the lot number whereas made all that stuff. It's often same thing. Yes one hundred percent then you spend me for four years the hold on a second and I tell you told me I can take this. You told me that it was that you found out there was in this thing and then you're only that I did something wrong now. I didn't do it well. The Fallback Aubrac every athlete is responsible for every drug that goes everything that goes into their system. US But I'm taking it from you. Guys are the experts of this so fix it. There's a flaw in the system right now so when guys get popped half me like yeah. That's right let's let's make it better punching guys interface where Oberlin guy's face. Let's make it better. But part of me is like cast. A people people are doing. It don't offset people to follow the rules and doing the protocol in doing everything. upstanding as a as a real athlete and then cut them out of it. It makes no sense to me because I think it just says a fan I I kind of forget. Sometimes you know guys could die in. The Ring Octagon always call it a rang. You know hockey players You know fighting Dramatically it's basically eliminated from the game. Now Yeah but you know. It's better to think he's better or worse because I mean it gets. I feel bad because as a fan Dan. I really loved watching hockey and from the eighties too I would say two thousand three And but you know a lot of these guys in the last us five or six years you know probably six or seven of them killed themselves because sat. It had trauma you guys you know. When I started watching hockey I I would've been a big player? Six one two hundred. That was huge for hockey. Yeah now that's small like these guys are Steve McKenna. Kenneth six seven to fifty. and that's naked like gear on and you guys are pushing to sixty five. You know close to seventy this guy in the Boston Bruins Zidane Chara six nine to seventy like I guess naked you say. It's so with skates and and Probably Twenty to thirty pounds Gerry's near seven feet three hundred pounds. He got into a fight the other night and I I. It's hockey is boring to me now. Because it's just like a glorified scrimmage yeah and you know I field old somewhat the same way about Ima May And I feel guilty saying this because you know like when I don frye on and he's awesome and You know he had trouble getting up at from his. He was saying that he was sitting right here. And I you know I can help them up and I was like fuck fuck man. I got this guy's in this condition because a guy like me paid fifty dollars to you know. Watch him do that. Then Gary Goodridge and unlike I feel guilty to be honest for once I'm trying to be serious but like you know like you know McGregor Soroti. I'm Gal paying seventy dollars or whatever it is you know and But I liked it. You know anime in the wild days like when when I had to go to best buy before it was on pay per view you had to go to best buy two months after the fucking card was over and by the time. You're not a real fan. Dan Real fans used to go to blockbuster. Well I went to Hollywood video. That just call you that so we were talking about. This is a couple of days ago. Where how did I get out? You know without brain-damaged everybody else in my era everybody. Everybody is brain damage I don't want a lot you know and most of my losses weren't weren't Koa tk almost Milosevic submission of US going to lose and it was always at some kind of a choke got on board one time Because Connett but other than that that was that was kind of my wasn't head trauma. I didn't take a lot of head trauma. rustler's don't take a lot of head trauma because we're inside the entire time. It's hard to hit somebody who they are. But you do not hit a wrestler like a like a really good like a McGregor did against Chad Mendez Mendez. beat the crap on the first round Kinda got back in the second round Mendez fell apart because he had three training camp and then got lit up and fell apart and then got got. Tko right that's how it always happens. What else am I may how? How many real clean.

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