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Why I don't understand the LA times reports a sticker switches an effort to reduce the number of cars in those lanes to speed up traffic apparently the program, would you just let everybody drive in them. Apparently, the program was so popular there were so many people buying electric cars that they went ahead and build up the lanes. Now, the people who drive the electric vehicle say, no, no, no, no, no. The problem is fuel burning drivers illegally using the carpool lanes. They should be the ones to get penalized. I got I think he got a better bet of I don't believe in this sort of social engineering at all you got a better bed of of me buying an electric car because I think, wow, I can drive in the car pool lane. Now that's worth it to me. Then you do people carpooling you can count the number of people who carpool in any. In any city because it will help them out in this lane on one hand trying it only for thirty years, Jack. Let's give it another year or two chance you're going to come up with a plan where you all get together in one of you gets up a little earlier, or whatever you can get together and make everybody. Now, you're sleeping our less every day. So you can make the rounds like a bus. Exactly. No, buddy. Certain antibacterial household cleaners could be contributing to childhood obesity. I'll be damned at a new study out of cabinet calories. Are in them. A new study out of candidates shows that when infants are exposed to certain products. There is a change in the child's gut bacteria that makes it harder for the baby to convert food to energy. Wow. Yet, another example of the over cleanliness of the modern world, scientists at the Canadian medical association journal reported with exception of San Francisco where they've got it. Right. There's an animal dung dung. My house is not shining. The journal reports that children digest foods differently, depending on what sort of cleaning products are used in the house horrifying that is freaking horrifying. It's it's amazing. Yep. They found that the homes were eco friendly. Cleaning products are used the children were less likely to be there. Anti wait a minute. Who studied to us? Clean. Association Canadian medical association. Okay. All right. I mean, it's it's it's a reputable study, and there has been a lot of work done on. Okay. The bacteria in your gut. You know, we'll help you just boot and run things. Mine barks at me. That's your literacy rate in Canada one in five. America's actually improve America's. There you go. That's a wrap that your news. I'm Marshall Phillips. The Armstrong and Getty show. The conscience of the nation flies. I hope all Canadians and those who loved them understand. We're being silly Canada's awesome. We love canon every time I've been Canadian every time I've been in Canada and many vacations. I have I thought what do I need to do to move here? I love hockey. Taxes? I I don't like hocken. I love rush. I like syrup. Really like maple leaves? I have a maple tree. You're practically Canadian as it is. That's right. So I know we have more bosses what we think of our bosses, according to a new survey that's a good one. Plus if you get the award winning four hour of the show, we're going to talk to one of the scientists who is behind figuring out what are those mystery weapons being used against our diplomats that are causing brain damage hearing damage, these are savage attacks unforgivable and and science scientists taken the lead and figuring out. What's going on scary? Stay tuned to the Armstrong and Getty show. Getty, conscience, the nation. This is Bloomberg market minute. The Dow moving higher on the back of financials, the SNP little changed at the index weighed down by technology shares. Bloomberg reports the Justice department has joined the SEC to investigate last month's Twitter. Posting by tesla CEO, Elon Musk musk said, he might take the electric car maker private and that caused a temporary spike in the price of Tesla's shares car industry, employees concern that robots will put them out of work. You don't have to worry for now of the thirteen publicly traded automakers eleven had more staff compared with urine twenty thirteen. That's according to data compiled by Bloomberg General Motors and Nissan were the exception shrinking their work workforce's. The car industry has three point one million employees eleven percent more than.

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