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The rookie again brown who makes the cupboards makes the point but they'll try field goal here comes out on ben and jerry's once again inaccuracy on the underneath roselle could have been caught by jack dorilas as he went down low to get it but put that ball up on his numbers he probably makes that catch makes it easier cakir forbidding theory but inaccuracy left at wall was taught the scoop off the turks 52 yard field all the time has no win both put down rightfooted kick in zakho gina gina and overran the guard terry puts it in the forty two year old kicker indianapolis colts in we are tied said on twenty four his thirty seven career field goal your more time josh robert eighth that a record in advance i tell you what i've been excited about our kickers tonight our governors are really gary never seen you more they've been released kicking let's boys europe europe but but saw right there earth stations right out of our themselves goes the girl sitting around the world this is westwood one your own vote monday night football we have an interesting to houston was used his first race man radio states seizures points radio six good good nashville seven twenty serving in the fourth twenty two twenty two colson titans but winner go to three in three in.

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