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Remember about a year ago when that self-described sex coach claimed from the confines of Thai prison to have insider information on the Trump campaign and Russia working together. Remember while she's out of prison and in Moscow and CNN's Matthew chance caught up with her. And it seems Ladimir Putin's agents might have also caught up with her. He remarkable this self-styled sex coach is still willing to talk, but eleven months in a Thai jail that she describes as hell has made nastier ripka even more convinced of the value of publicity. Do you regret making those claims that you made about the evidence you said you had of Russia and the Trump campaign colluding g regret that I think it's saved my life. How can I regret about that? Because if journalists not count at the time and that story not come to newspapers. Maybe I will I die. Now. These are the images that got into trouble her an a Russian billionaire Oleg Dera Pasca who's close to Russian President, Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin on his y'all to in twenty-six. There was another figure photograph to a Russian deputy prime minister sparking allegations. This was a secret meeting to pass on Trump campaign briefing If there. there. When he was headed from the company. Gawk at he'd been offered private briefings by his former business associates and Trump campaign. Chad will manifold night behind BAAs convicted of financial crimes in the special counsels. Russia investigation. Meanwhile in Thailand, the sex coach promised even more details. You said I'm ready to give you all the missing puzzle pieces, videos and audio regarding the connections of respected lawmakers with Trump Manafort and the rest, why didn't you say that after that? I was almost one year in prison for me really enough. I understand mostly of your question is about Alexandra Pasqua about connection of American something like that. But I cannot answer. You should understand me. This was the welcome waiting for the twenty eight year old when she finally returned to most go earlier this month forced into a wheelchair and dragged away terrified all the evidence. She wants had told me confiscated and once behind Russian vase. He was given a stock warning the whole being unexpectedly. I have some talk when I was in jail in Russian jails, and they explain me very very clear. What should I do? What should I say? And what should I should? I say something about to Russian Russian agents. What did they say to you? They said to me don't that Allen do Pasqua anymore touch jetted risk replacing that type risen with a cell in Russia. Well, this nasty ripka is still Jake very much under the threat of prosecution. She's a suspect in a prostitution case in as you could be yanked back into prison that he moments she's also very realistic, which talks about the physical threats against this country member that has a chequered record or strong record rather of silencing thorns in the side or critics like her at the same time. She's also somebody who is a self publicist and who says what she thinks people want to hear. And she she's midst as much it's going into a lot of trouble, Jake a perplexing story. Matthew chance thank you so much. Really? Appreciate it. Let's take this story broader and talk about the US Russia relationship, more geographically political. Geographically, take a listen to CIA director Tina Hass boat. Earlier today testifying..

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