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Raised more on that in sports in business. The NASDAQ hits an all time high as a S and P 500 X at another record. WGN traffic. Here's Mary Vandeveld and Traffic is sponsored by plumbers. 911 Chicago. Eden's is looking okay. The inbound Kennedy from O'Hare is about an hour and five minutes, our five outbound as well. Outbound side of the Eisenhower to Mannheim 50 minutes 38 coming in out down on the Stevenson of the tri state 35 little so inbound into 83. And 34 in from the tristate accident. Up on Ryan at 43rd has been cleared out of the express lanes inbound Bishop Ford at siblings still have a car fire right lane being cleared their lakeshore drive jammed up from north to Chicago north, Dont Roosevelt Monroe Heavy on 2 94 just approaching Ogden eastbound I 80 from Pulaski to to 94 Plumbers. 911 wants to keep your family healthy during these unprecedented times. Contact plumbers 911 at 833 plum 911 for information on touchless faucets and toilets Another way to help safeguard your family. From Covid 19 Mary Vandevelde, WGN Traffic Central authorities in rocked in Illinois just provided an update on the fire at the chemical plant, which is still burning here's rocked and fire chief Kirk Wilson. We went ahead and let the product burn off due to the fact that the Rock River sets just west of camp tool about 500 yards. We were extremely concerned that would turn into an environmental challenge later on down the road, The hope is that the fire will burn itself out. It's unknown. As to how long that will take. Veteran educator Dr Jose Torres has been named the new interim CEO of Chicago Public schools.

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