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Directly to end the strike but congressman John Molinar sis passing the United States Mexico Canada agreements could and would help in Michigan over a hundred thousand jobs depend on our exports with our neighbors and this the U. S. M. C. A. is so vital that we pass this Mexico is already taken action this opens up new markets for agricultural products more of our content for automotive industry being built here in this country so it's a win win you just need to move with the opening that we have still no date sets for Congress to vote on that agreements forty seven degrees right now in Farmington hills clear skies in Detroit in forty four W. W. J. news time nine oh six an elderly man has died after an accident in Shelby township police telling us the eighty four year old tried turning into Stoney creek metro park at twenty six mile just before eleven o'clock this morning he was hit by a Dodge ram pickup the driver who is from Shelby township died at the hospital is eighty four year old wife in the hospital now in critical condition the twenty six year old driver of that truck from are made a township also hospitalised but is expected to be okay medical marijuana shops could be coming to Pontiac very soon the city will end its moratorium on provisions and provisioning centers in November with a twenty one day window for applications the applications will be taken between November the six and the twenty seventh two men meantime accused of trucking forty kilos of cocaine they're now heading to trial the two men fifty three oh Detroit resident Alexander a useful and his co defendant fifty seven year old Taylor resident Michael Joseph calma Larry were nabbed as a result of a tip that came to the MSPs metro narcotics enforcement team that indicated a civil was receiving large amounts of cocaine and heroin monthly and then distributed to local dealers through capillary they have each been charged with one felony count of controlled substance and one felony count of conspiracy to commit controlled substance among other things Michigan Attorney General Dana Nestle says quote to those who have contributed to the drug epidemic know this the entire law enforcement community is watching and we will use every resource at our disposal to hold you accountable upon review hearing and scheduling conference are scheduled for November fourth in Wayne County circuit court Brooke Allen WWJ newsradio.

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