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Here's older some shit never really even thought about the fact that I would one day get to meet one of the minds behind some of the most I like that you know and it sounds we heard of buying like signed up like we had to you had to get up and physically go down to the spot and sound up you know what I'm saying you had to be with we're we're fake checks man it was crazy you know what I'm saying so then we finally made this cat named Kurban Henderson who wanted to record store Dow's rapid creations in east Cleveland and he signed to independent deal where I really don't know what kind of deal no nobody from yourself with the deal you know what I'm saying but you know we were just desperate so we got into it and we dropped a local album bright call faces the death and after the dropped at well before we jump at album as well I went to prison what was that for Dow was for aw related so shooting with not shooting worse but they didn't because wisden press charges but they charged me having the weapon how do they know that you had the weapon because then you just bring him to the hospital Oh yeah but they got me though Oh so you can just push them out drought may know he actually we put up to the emergency he actually told me to get out the car and and I was so much in shock I was like man just dropped to the hospital go because he was like they know you shot me right you know what I'm saying so it was just like I went to jail they had night for that file when detail for that in is because the police officer came out when he was trying to get me to tell the true story right he was okay you can allow you wanted to with your friend just died heart drought that was like Oh my God uh-huh Whoa fuck big man wow he told me that you don't stand within I was in you believe yeah I thought it was a done deal second crazy so but then too late like a day later I called home and about just telling me that wishes in the hospital Houston he I would like Yell Matt They told me he died it was like what no heathen dollar he'd cool they they they can save his leg and everything all the can you believe different days because it's not just happen right Oh my God I was in their strengths and like man this whereas Dan my life for that is so crazy holy shit so so how long did you end up doing for the gun ought to get I did eighteen months okay Dan and you know what I'm saying like like I say he didn't press charges they charged me would have because it was a solid off shotgun illegal bryant saying so that's why I ain't GonNa be no I was looking for some low were you sitting there in jail mad as fuck they were in jail or you said I like well at least a year so onerous into what could have happened given actually happened Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I was thankful did Dan you know I was when did it happen but I was thankful did it happened to to to the extent to where everybody can bounce back from it at some point ooh in come back from it so definitely lost their lives and you know we hear now when did the name come into play when you guys aren't without what man you know the name on how many end then everybody having bone in their name will first of all you know after after high school you know is really turned up in the streets you know say we got like re re really really hot boys in a and it's crazy because he wasn't no drug kingpins but we we just we just don't Hustle Hustle to survive day to day you guys are mostly Robin you're like actual drug dealers now we we we so don't we all we all and if we didn't have it we took yours and soldiers took you know what I'm saying that he used to do but but you know so so by that time on the streets hard lay lay lay lay in wish they they they hit the block they like scraping blockade day they they're they nagin fronted by some but Boston real kingpins you know what I'm saying so I think lay getting uh-huh we're like we're like a thousand rocks on them I'm sitting at home watching the with my parents like watching the news and they should just do it on the within like see I told you about it I'm like Oh my God yes so so after that lazy gets assist he gives him to juvenile he was like sixteen seventeen thousand Rox yeah that's lucky he gives it to juvenile and you know I hear them for a long time and then I heard don't anyway he could get out was if he went to go live with his uncle and taxes in Dallas Texas so lazy went down there and live down there for like a year so and I hear from at all so I was still doing music during the war I was doing it with other people like just like like just making music just randomly and then like after year so lazy came back a lay said he him him and his do have something called bone enterprise and lazy bone was actually easy ball I okay yeah lazy bone was busy bone and we use his name for for for our little thing and I was like cool down with we all have a bone but at the tabby was only me lazy bowl so I was like cool I'm going to be crazy bowl and he was like I don't lazy bill and like it was just crazy and lazy right you know we that's the whole foundation of bone you know saying when they first started it was crazy and lazy that's why all right let me ask this at that time nobody was actually saying bone as slang for having sex either right no that's interesting that that came in later just because it's always weird to have like the name of thing all of a sudden become a slang term for a new thing definitely definitely could open up lyrical possibilities really I'm thinking about it definitely right so okay that's how the names all sort of came into play and everything yes in the you know busy it took us a minute to turn to let busy in the group and then events late let the do and they're letting makes eighty minute I let alone again the group Mad I you know what I'm saying because I thought he was dope you know what I'm saying and Gabe been hanging around as a lot busy I didn't didn't didn't star hanging around us until till two high school okay so we was almost about to be out of high school drop out of high school right yeah but he was he was he was whereas member Gupta come into the Google how overall in terms of all the years combined how hard is it been for you guys to stay a group because this is when you look at the history of rap groups to so many amazing groups that if they had stayed together would have been able to make absurd amounts of money Nwea Wu Tang Arkansas all day you guys have held us together better than most in terms of really keeping that unity which is weird because it's like realistically four meet when you're sick seen all of a sudden you're in your thirties with the fuck you have in common not a lot takes a real commitment to keep everybody on the same page it may well well you know we we we consider ourselves to be like real brothers you know say we weren't brought together everything about ball happening assume like it was meant to be you'll like the way we met young saying it wasn't staged wouldn't put together the way we met and everything you know what I'm saying we bonded together we I do not and they were all similar so we bought it and we was all we had all those years when we was grinding was all we had remember when we first came out here in easy saw how close we were losing a studio one time you know we are in La we don't know nobody just some Cleveland you know are we I wish we might do that 'cause it had been cracking right life a real because he he he knew like we was real brothers and it's still like he oh we better stop doing business together as a family really Saito because you see so many rappers who are straight in the dart with their homeys and then they get famous and six months later they they hate each other and they can't stand each other it's like they forget about the fact that they were there for each other when they didn't have shit that just disappears from their minds so quickly once they start having things yeah you know what I mean well you know what they say about money you know money in France but you know it's just like it's never that serious is always about the family you'd like I mean we love making money you know and we very fortunate to have a twenty five years run to where we're still in demand across the globe Brian you know what I'm saying accidents deaths of blessing in herself so everybody understands you know like we overhauled everybody should abroad egos and all their dumps it should go through earlier in your career you know because we're not fortieth now Mandelson we like I said we bless still be here able to do what we do yes it is it is easier to get along now that you guys are adults who have families you got like a re you know if you go into a show it's kind of like just going to a day at work right hey on Friday now still as family man like I said when you get comfortable with people your brother always shy right notable you know saying you're GonNa always you can always bump as a person who's GonNa always comfortable when people I'm sure it's something that annoys you about they wanna I've watched interviews with you and other members being interviewed together and not even just you but just everybody in general I've felt like I could read emotions on people's faces and I could almost tell who was a little annoyed with a WHO who was having a bad day who was maybe just not feeling that is who got a little annoyed when a certain members started talking too long I'm sitting that thing like this is interesting Oh yeah yeah what happens though right you know what I'm saying you you days we like man what you do just showed him lesson miles talk all the time with different restaurants and everything and always what I'm impressed by is their ability to I was in and I felt like I fucking felt that vibe between them a little bit almost like they both wanted to talk a lot but they never even though I could tell that they sort of jockeying for position so much that they didn't let it bother him enough of actually became a thing and and I think that's what is Kinda like the sign that group's going to be able to last for a long time if they can have these little disagreements and you sort of brush them aside we never really had no We never really had no major money disputes you know saying everything was always broken down evenly across the table you know because we we started this journey as brothers we're gonna go every single bit of it as brothers shared everything equally from day one to now that's bigger than any of you on your own and that's got to feel crazy so like formed a brand that is bigger than the sum of the parts yes it is man and that is crazy because I tell people that all the time I'm like one member doesn't make the weekend we've done shows bone shows win three members in this in one city and the other two members in another see the same night and they both sell out in different cities while really and and different cities like you know what I'm saying so it's like it's like as long as people here though bone music the music is bigger than us is bigger regardless if I'm tired of doing it totta go get no stays doing the same zone is in full demands that's crazy because there's very few raptors are like this it'd be onsite yeah you know definitely definitely like if we talk about Wu Tang I mean you could name the Wu Tang members that are world famous and there's Wutang members really just mostly the hardcore fans no yeah that's kind of crazy that's interesting do you feel you're wearing a hat is that like a group that you always felt a close kinship with yeah man you know because we came in and around the same the same era you know.

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