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Guests for the babes for you. She gave me some products. There is a butter cream. It is luxurious. There's like chopstick there's a little face trapper for your kids a little stick that rolls on the or specially this time of year. When everything gets so dry, like just put a little like my daughter, especially on the cheeks gets Dr been putting a little bit on her, and it just smoothing luxurious lotions, and they're genuinely and I'm not throwing shade anywhere. But genuinely one hundred percents organic and natural. So this is big guys. It's such packaging be a bail. And it's affordable. I'll say so guys check out bay. Oh baby at bay. Oh, baby. It's really great job. Sarah Anderson, INA. Okay. Let's plug. Chelsea. Devante. As before we leave. She was a wonderful guest. Thank you. Just so funny. So awesome. Check out her Instagram. It's at Chelsea devante at L S D E V A N T easy. She is hilarious. She also writes on NBC sitcom, the abbey's which is coming out with Jessica traffic, Natalie Morales, Neil, Flynn, guys. What accounts what a cast what a guest so much? Also, I just wanna plug again. We're coming to New York. I'm so. Sighted. We'll be there at the end of the month, the twenty six January twenty six at the PlayStation theater in New York City. We have an eight o'clock and four o'clock show. I think the eight o'clock eight o'clock is already sold out the four o'clock. I think we still have a few more tickets laugh, Andrew Reynolds. And Greg Bennett, our special guests new movie, I wanna plug just literally not asked. This is just off the top of my head. I watched over the break is private lives. Have you seen it with Kathryn Hahn and Paul giamati tamra Jenkins movie? She did the savage she'd slums of Beverly Hills. I love those movies. It is about fertility struggle only been there. I literally was weeping in my room alone, like shaking weeping and also laughing it's so good watch. I don't mean to be a grandma, but they don't make movies. I love it. My dearest, Kathryn Hahn and Paul giamati are so good knit screen everything. Oh my God. She really is. It's on Netflix. It's so good. And I'm loving Sally field's book. You gave me. I heard read it cover to cover some good. I also read seduction. Green a lot. Me that as a birthday present. Oh, you know, I get all my old Hollywood fix. I. Okay. Why happy new year happy new year and congrats to Andy Cohen baby baby. Boy, he's gonna makes us want to be his little girl. Due to adopt us, Andy I wish it was just like me and him traipsing around New York. Even though I'm probably going on vacations. Oh, I'm a hundred. I call daddy in a second. No, he could just be up on like little outfits. I could go out with him and Diane bumper simply walk walk. I'm so happy for him. Can I've watched him give that announcement time cried? And did you look up? He he put out a clip where the camera is just on the house is when they find out. Oh, I gotta watch it truly, heartwarming. They were thrilled for him. I could tell that game made me really laugh or they were playing like, they would ding a bell. If something was true about them and Meany was ding and all. Wow.

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