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Eight hundred seven six five talk art i did that comparison earlier greg on gino and will greer comparing their great starts we know who else had really good starts in 2012 stead been balian tabin austin you know you go back and look at some of those numbers they were stupid i mean they were unbelievable what that offense was putting up all right so here's what i got for your so stead been bailey start in 2012 through the first two games marshall and james madison he caught twenty two balls for two hundred seventy seven yards and five touchdowns he would go on to set the singleseason touchdown receiving record of 25 25 touchdowns in one season which enter slings sills is on pace to break right now believe i heard on pace on his again by tapada austin in 2012 first two games marshall james madison 21 catches a hundred and sixty six yards and two touchdowns austin would go on to land in second place on the alltime singleseason touchdown reception list with twelve that tells you what a ridiculous year stead than bailey had with 25 touchdown catches that secondplace all ties well is table on it twelve so that's what makes sills start so interesting he's out of the gate at sixteen catches for two hundred and forty seven yards and five touchdowns so just thirty yards office dead bin bailey's start and tied with him in touchdowns through to a nearly half way to second place on the singleseason record list with twelve as i mentioned with avon so those are three great starts by by two alltime great receivers we'll see where.

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