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Quarter score fifty they're better than you yes that's the opposite of what i was saying in the previous series to houston rockets nobody surprised that they're up in this series because they're the better basketball team had a number one the james harmless bits of ripping all year trevor rees got off to a really good start people never have they have option we've seen james harden struggling the series and somebody else picks up the slight half people that from three like eric gordon shoot threes and chris paul has been terrific all year planning all nba level speaking of guys who can thump it let's go to baseball in the bronx and it was john carlos stanton who thumped his fifth home run of the season and had a huge night yankees blow out the twins fourteen to one stanton four for four with three runs scored the last time stanton had a four hit game it was almost two full calendar years ago he didn't have a single one in his mvp season of last year so are we are we at least one day taking a breath on giancarlo i'd like to know where the the known see false still parlow call from john sterling is i thought we were gonna play that every time that was the whole reason why came in this morning the home or did we get that up here please let's get italian every morning let's hear what he had to say also about miguel and do har who had a home run and it was two for five last night this kid is awesome it was his seventh straight game with an extra base hit i want you to listen to this desisted carefully he's thirty anki player with an extra base hit in seven straight games before turning twenty four years old the others were mickey mantle and joe dimaggio.

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Chris Paul, Baseball, John Carlos Stanton discussed on Get Up!

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