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Lust for life and gun fight at the OK corral no gentleman at all is the son of a yellow bellied so actor Kirk Douglas has died his son Michael issuing a statement saying the world to the world he was a legend and actor from the golden age of movies who lived well into his golden here's a humanitarian his commitment to justice on the causes he believed in set a standard for all of us to aspire to Douglas was one hundred three acting secretary of homeland security Chad wolf says the trump administration is working to contain the outbreak of the corona virus telling fox's Tucker Carlson tonight we have a number of airplanes coming from mainland China in really any other individuals who have been in China for the past fourteen days their final two eleven specific airports and that's for to make sure that we have enough medical professionals there to assess them and to determine what type of medical care they need and if applicable quarantine measures for the people aboard two planeloads of Americans evacuated from China yesterday have now come down with high fevers and have been hospitalized a patient in Wisconsin confirmed with the virus on Wednesday bringing the total number of cases in the US to twelve the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant his daughter and seven other people's now prompting a California senator to push for stricter safety measures California senator Dianne Feinstein calling for federal rules that would require crash warning systems on commercial helicopters including the model that wrecked in foggy weather last month outside Los Angeles killing Kobe Bryant is daughter Gigi and seven others at helicopter did not have a device called the terrain awareness and warning system that signals when an aircraft is in danger of hitting ground the NTSB is recommended the system be required by the Federal Aviation Administration only requires it for air ambulances last week California congressman Brad Sherman introduced a bill requiring the FAA to mandate the devices man apartado fox news and in New York.

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