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For the pilot of a navy jet which crashed in California's Mojave Desert captain Jim Bates of the strike fighter wing Pacific we are currently in an active state of looking for the pilot we've got folks out there from our installation China lake the National Park Service and the local authorities involved in that process is believed to crash involving the F. eighteen super Hornet happened about sixty miles north of the naval air weapons station at China lake CBS news will have more at nine well the candidates meeting for an item or two democratic debate happening right now at the fox theater are in studio guest all night long director of the center for civic engagement at Oakland university Dave duly in once again and ten more candidates on stage we had ten last night's these debates the you only get a couple of words at a time when it comes to a question directed to your way the word spectacle kinda comes to mind especially when those were really into politics to get really amped up form but you you do we get much contents out of what is being said on stage or is it just a matter of discovering personality is that really what we're doing here that's a really great point and if we look at the final tally from the first night we have the the fifth the person spoke the most yeah was Elizabeth Warren and about fourteen and a half minutes over about a two and a half hour period of that entire debate so to answer your question directly right now we don't get all that much we get one minute here thirty seconds they're a little bit more than sound bites but it's really hard to get deep into substance with just that little bit of time the candidates have ended you're an expert on this stuff maybe I want to pick your brain moving forward say in elections in the future and to come do they keep this type of format with ten candidates on stage or maybe the day will down earlier or just have less candidates on stage but as many candidates taking part over a three day span right I think Democrats tried to learn a lesson from twenty sixteen when Republicans had what seventeen candidates on the stage yeah right talk about a spectacle right that was unruly and almost impossible right so I think they're doing their best right but this format can be really tough because you've got not only a large number of candidates on the stage and they vie for that really limited amount of time but you also have candidates from night one who are trying to talk about candidates that would go on night two windows tonight that are talking about the ones last night right it it's it can be awkward yeah right and could they limit the number of candidates earlier possibly but then there'd be criticism about you're not letting this person is yeah absolutely right it's so they're kinda damned if you do damned if you don't the spectacle in itself absolutely it sort of comes out to hi Dave Duilio is with us all night long breaking down the action at the fox theater stay with us so we'll be checking and also with the news radio nine fifty John Hewitt whose downtown and our Stephanie.

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