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It was because he hates are bottler. He's told me you were saying that they were. They heard they're walking away curtis in a bottle on the HR people went downstairs answers in star. Bono was like why don't you. Why do we have security down here new choppers have we don't have secure? I was told the the receptionist got a real dressing down. She's supposed to apparently tackling you. Don't hello piece of candy and walked in there. That's my trademark couple crackles tackles and went in away. We go away we go but even if she knew there was really that big of a deal. I mean really I thought so funny. Was It really damaging the joke if they have a sense of humor that play along with it be characters and that's the thing they would get you catch. You'll have more flies with honey attitude troop troupe God so there's so what do you know who's in this meeting or no. You're working your work. You're know you're working on. I was told to protect the sources. Yeah I respect that I was told. A meeting was called and will it odds. Are It's got nothing to do but definitely something to do with us. There's no doubt aby there are more fans fans of our show in that building their fans of the shows at the station in the business. I mean the Bathurst I'd be getting more leaks then right well. It's tough for that places tough. We need to set up in an encrypted way to pass this information to deal with trouble. I mean we hire somebody to work undercover there. We need to flip somebody in that building all right. I don't know who that is what we're GONNA do it. ordway needs the money it'd be yeah. It'd be good at it. I'm telling it'll either fucking Michigan lost so we have a lot of calls yesterday because he I they also described every scrub everything ninety five scrubbing as well which is crazy. It's some people want to listen to that and not only that they would get clicks online like they would get. You know what I mean. People are saying they're hurting their their own. You fucking website. I mean yes website is shit. Yeah Fox can listen to what was anything else so. I've got one call to felber and Mas- I don. I don't think this happened yesterday. IT'S MINNESOTA SHUT UP Steve for second. They're fucking five zillion radio. Shows in the world is Internet shows at five million shows. Get Work and get cracking. Yes might have spread the subsidy. Play on me around the keep fucking with the wrong. Keep fucking. Let's call them now. Call now call. I will say this go better than yesterday. Maybe maybe what they call four player in baseball. You heard the term not quite good enough France. ICS Not quite you'll get. I've been trying. You'll we need a pole room for the rest of your life could be out with the guys. Please Kirkman a hand. I almost had you almost Adam uh-huh. I should bear creek minute. Having a discussion like was it. It was real it was really of. It's so sad sad loser. Su said that he's doing a cocktail so dumb. So what would you say if Dagnon Donny Me Donny Donny what's that. What would you say if they put you on? I would just say what's what's the big deal. Call you guys once in a while. I was on the the air. Yes you know we all know each other. SWEITZER hang up. This is a this is interesting this morning. Someone called. I don't think it was like one of ours but someone just said to. W- iggy they go and by the way we think you're talented broadcaster and hung up yeah and you're not a talented radio personality and Greg Hill goes well. Wiki is an athlete does not personality. She's hardly could that was his defense somebody who hasn't listened to way too much of that show. I I. I don't think Greg Lake's waking at all no he doesn't. I know why obviously well obviously. He's a racist yeah clearly yeah. I'm going to give it to the machinations of the Greg Greg. Hill show the ten minutes. I listened to more comfortable. The other guy because the other guy is a little more low key. Okay that that's my take on it but women do. I know putting genius at the Shit all right so that's all we have well. No we've got a call the failure and Mas- that wasn't yesterday someone just got around to finally sending to me why even the Sobre Tober thing so much his yeah no not yet Steve Young. It's I don't know could take a month off talented. I don't drink at Big Wolf. We'll just saying tag all these people that are gonNA get fucking job. They started a loser. Move that tweet or something no. You're following Joe. Yeah CULTIVAR Ogan here. What's wrong with that nothing trump. Did I tell us well my tweet so attack me. Thank you all right going going over the break all right rich. Hey guys I'm I don't play basketball but a lot of people do ask those questions and really got that can have the same question to why doing so. Why do we shoot. Are Your Gross. Why do we shoot our heroes. I trump applaud. Go for it. See these guys know. Minute can go do call Vulgar Mazuz this show. This is not blind. Mike and something like that yeah. That's right everyone. That's that's fine. Everyone podcast go for it. Thank you parcells sports there. You go plug in excellent all right. We will be back Aksai boyfriend. I get along fine there. You go see that's why I'm ninety five guys but that's why I'm way more friends over their way more like Paul. You're presets. We'll look at the people like Bertrand. Clue is in on the joke Zolak Affairs in on the joke Murray Fred's in there. you know you're right when you put it. The failure to an extent care offended by put this way. Nobody there is offended right. Maserati is not offended by it which would start scrubbing. I haven't got this majority knew we're talking about. I think they all I know they listen. I ordway listens every day yeah. He tells me so you just talk about it and it's weird strange. I don't know yeah I don't know but that goes party. That goes to your point is like that would be a huge show. I feel like if toucher enrich had you on them for years and all that like that'd be a great episode sure an hour whatever yeah well. I got a great talk with Fred and Atlanta at the Super Bowl. He was the old morning we went against for years. We get along fine. Rich is a little more sensitive yeah yeah. I think he takes it very personally. Today's out that show blocked me turn women's years ago my why would you block your competition anyway. UNDERSTAND ANAPA. Shirley hasn't even blocked. I understand it's because you provide most of us. She needs if blocks codependent. She cannot block me right. ooh Boy someone's GonNa take that is where I leave it. Leave leave it. That's toll whole career. Nobile read her fucking shitty stories anymore because she sucks variety writer. I got I got one brain understatement. Either people would yes the without brains who knew what you meant but would take it out of context guy shot at my one more trouble making our happened about today. Why are you so loud today. You're fine. I always wore only black. This is the sweatpants actually are because I was stupid man and takes me a second to come up with a responsible good so this is somebody getting on the text line to Mardi. MOESHA's gambling show would that this trip was the College Football Brennan Walker and Mardi Mush. I think Portnoy's there what this is. Go ahead all right good half good half Marty. Did you play baseball with a guy named Harlan Akerson yeah. That's a walker game loves right. Okay College football even entertained by him to date or no Brennan Walker no in this in this moment. I'm entertained. You knew how I like Mardi Mush though Monday Bush find entertaining and he is a funny response to Mardi. Mush is is yes yeah. He's good. I haven't really heard him. Dave's there to hear in the background isn't okay yeah they're. They're just doing one of their gamble. I just say real quick. I was texting back another barstow personality yesterday not going to say who it is. I'll just say that he is very aware of who aren't Akerson is okay three letters home to say all right. I'm with them on this. I understand and the financial and I love Free Sports Book. PICK DOT COM correct. I get it completely. I'm glad we do it but boy. There's just a lot of gambling in my on my social media feed and like shows just people talking about it's big now. can't believe back-door cover was a heartbreak. It just wears me out a little bit on social media. I'm a little worn out. Well Jack back had that big tip lost. Give a fuck about. I know how crazy on the outside my I like Jack. He came on the show is a good sport. We're taught Jack Mac great but aren't you do you follow us on twitter doesn't wear you out because people into the gambling either like. I've done before but all I didn't cover. I can't believe I give your pick spine often but I do think it was funny Jack Reaction that he was just like I've read about it yeah the three thousand I don't. It doesn't seem to me that be that big of a deal for a business perspective though it's brilliant face you've I'm saying I'm saying I recognize that and I'm saying is I'm just a little worn out by the her the gifts like g when when your team gets back doored and a cover and it's fucking Jennifer Lawrence drinking fuck all right. We all fucking get it well now. They're in a weird place. KFC See and fight over. We're talking about this where they're in a weird spot where fighter has gotten into this gambling world and I think he does the show with Mardi motion whoever else but Heidelberg not degenerate gambler like big Ken Pres- and those guys they're gambling no matter what vital burgers spending money like he's losing money to make money if that'd be on the show yeah he's looking to me to be on the show which is a weird concept would lose money to be on a show. Well sure we love love picked book. PICK DOT COM free sportsbook PIG DOT COM. We love these me personally. I'm just sort of like we talk about. Mike gives us picks. I'm interested in that but this efforts like enough with the FA. Whatever so I got the BARSTOOL BETS APP. I downloaded it. I'M GONNA be start media at the money yeah. Maybe I'll do that was gonna I was GONNA use Mike Speaks but after last week sticking maybe my boys four last week back so five six on the season yes under five hundreds. If you bet a million dollars with your picks right a million bucks I guess Sunday tonight. I guess a million dollars a bet. You down million cost somebody million dollars right now you divvied. You've caused some family. A million dollars right now cost a million dollars. No it's all right so go ahead good half good half Marty. Did you play baseball game. Harlan acre SOM claims he beat you. You out for starter never never heard of that. All in Achim acres name. You remember till the name you'd remember caller. No no scope or something. Where are they fuck with is that I just sitting somewhere in Barcelona livestream. I know they do what are still betts O K. It might have been about Monday night football us go. What's in the background. I'm saying some SA- game you know they do one show from hooters. I'm pretty sure that might have been yeah saw that. Yes I try keep up a man. It's fucking confusing. There's a lot there's a lot of products being put out shit suggests Christ for the calls yes okay. Well hopefully have some more next couple of days barstools paper. They're different hounds. Thank you back. The Big Day yesterday for Mikey got his blog published he did yes. I Dunno shameless between two that was up there. I don't know if they onto it. Got approved very late here. Jose a buzz. What was incredible offer. Read the first line for you. I want to start off by being completely fair and saying my name is reminded yeah so maybe it's my fault for not seeing it but I haven't come across these single word written about Shane Gillis first podcast since SNL in the media painted him as an unfunny racist assist who get worse no actually gets out no. I noted he can post. I'll I'll tweet. Okay good good good. You Mike thanks a good. I don't know I worked hard. I haven't ridden news and the other thing was like the game I think your your last line was good now. Read lines you can re read the whole blog. What's the last line good so I'll just read a review the last little bit so let's make a deal. I'll let you identify however you know I take my headlines up so let's make a deal. I'll let you identify however you choose as you listen.

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