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Before was in my office was just a young associate law firm and remember. I had a legal writing. Professor adam alani who had gone into teaching law after being in a law firm in oklahoma city after the oklahoma city bombing. That's an event that really didn't have profound national psychological consequences. But he said he had people from his office who were in that building when it blew up and had a guy come in from out of town and just demanded that they still do. A deposition was little offices and shocking. That was the day. He decided he wouldn't be lawyer. That was in my office that he watching what was happening. My boss's daughter was in the building and we had a lawyer come in demanded. We had to do this deposition that day had to be done and i just thought i don't. I don't want to work with people like this and that. That was actually the day. That i knew i could not make a living as a lawyer. I had to work with and deal with people like that. it just it it. It struck me. The same thing happened to my law. Professor i knew i wanted to be a law professor though there was no. I'm just gonna have to come up with something. I didn't like being a lawyer anyway. There's this thing called a client blue when we come back. Brigadier general lawrence study is going to join me. He was in the pentagon on september eleventh. Two thousand one would talk about his experience happening there. He lives just outside of atlanta now. is retired from the national guard. One of my just honors in life was to get to know former defense secretary don rumsfeld Got hang out with him multiple times at connected a friend of mine to his office as after he left the pentagon and she helped him write his memoir which is a fantastic read. And then i got to spend time with him a number of times. He died very recently. He told me stories about being in the pentagon on september eleventh. What it was like My next guest was also in the pentagon that day Retired brigadier general lawrence dugny Who lives outside of atlanta in canton General thank you very much for being with me. Thank you so much for having me on today. So i remember secretary rumsfeld One of the things that you know when you talk to people who are new york on nine eleven one of the things they say is that it was. It was beautiful weather clear sky. It was cool. The summer was finally over and secretary rumsfeld said would he remember he was in the pentagon and what he remembered was just the the smell the smell of the plane it stuck with him for the rest of his life on impact in what was going on that day he just e silva he can never get that smell of just the the jet fuel smell out of out of his nostrils it seemed like just haunted him and i were there that day and i know you know i. I lost a friend on that plane. Barbara olson I was in law school. She was ted olson's wife the solicitor general. She was on the plane that flew into the pentagon that day. and i. if you wouldn't mind just just let's talk about what it.

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