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Los Angeles county's first known death associated with vaping the county department of public health has scheduled a press conference on the issue for Friday afternoon the department says that means today other departments as twelve cases of pulmonary injury associated with the use of E. cigarettes have been reported in Los Angeles county urges the public to take precautions earlier this month U. S. health officials renewed calls for people to stop beeping until they figure out why some are coming down with serious breathing illnesses officials said they'd identified four hundred and fifty possible illnesses including at least three deaths in thirty three states where yellow county is the first to try out some new technology and it's led to the clearing of over seven hundred marijuana convictions when voters passed proposition sixty four in twenty sixteen to allow adult use of marijuana they also eliminated several hot related crimes the law applies retroactively to pot convictions but yellow county district attorney Jeff rice success there wasn't a mechanism set into place on how to do that so we partnered with code for America to use a tool that they developed that allowed us to scan thousands of lines of code in a matter of minutes and then make a decision on dismissing those convictions right success there now people in the county who can land a job because they have clear records in a matter of literally minutes instead of weeks or months we dismissed over seven hundred marijuana convictions and the judge has signed the order so it's a done deal rising says his office is focusing on illegal drug activity but rather than spending time on people who smoke a little weed the effort will be to stop illegal growers who do. image the environment and those who illegally possess weapons or place children at risk because of drugs Veronica Carter news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. governor Newsome's approved a bill to close a loophole in the law which what some violent sexual predators avoid extra scrutiny before being granted parole the new law will require that all inmates convicted of a sexually violent offense be given a comprehensive risk assessment before their parole hearing current law only applies that requirement to inmates sentenced to a specific term of incarceration but not those given an indeterminate term SB one forty one close that loophole and ensures that those sentenced to an indeterminate term are also evaluated the assessment specifically test for an inmate's likelihood to engage in sexually violent behavior John Brunei's the news ninety three point one KFBK was suicide is becoming more common in America Cape Caister Michaels joins us live in studio with details Kitty a study conducted at the Ohio.

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