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But other times they are taking more than the horn after drugging the animal or the destrade up killing the end so what what kind of efforts can be established to prevent poaching or at least discourage it while we touched on some of the legal efforts so it's it's currently illegal for rhino horn sales to take place between countries but interestingly enough it's not illegal in south africa not anymore so in april of this year south african courts ruled added sales of rhino horns could take place provided the seller had a permit in with these permitted cases were generally talking breeding farms on the horns in these cases are remove painlessly inhumanely the leading a rhino farmer a john hume according to bbc news he believes that that such a legal in open trade is is going to be beneficial because as the trade because the trade first of all can raise money that can help us preserve the species and he also thinks of these open legal sales will drive down the price of illicit horn and reduced poaching now critics say that this practice will only increase the demand for for the horn perhaps even normalize it plus if you have a legitimate trade taking place than that can provide cover for illegitimate dread trade it take place you know right so if you're if you're trying to create a stigma around the sale of rhino horns even if you've been failing it's going to be even harder to establish that stigma if you're also selling legit horns next door will yeah and also like let's say that you're you're traveling on a south africa in some unofficial opens your bag and it has rhino horns in it right and they say what's this and you go these are legal rhino horns i have a permit uh in navy you have a fake permit like permits exist you have a leg up on deceiving the system but if there is no such thing as a legal up a you know a legal sale of rhino horns then there's no way you could pass that off just to put it in very simple terms.

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