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Welcome to invention. Mine is Robert lamp, and I'm Joe McCormick. And today we are going to be talking about death rays now on this show. We we've talked about a lot of very real in some cases, very mundane yet interesting inventions things like chopsticks or less Monday and things like the x Ray machine. But today we wanted to talk about a an invention that sort of existing throughout its entire lifetime at the crossroads of myth and legend and reality. Yeah. This is a curious one. This is this is a perhaps our first topic where we cannot point at the thing and say here it is. Here's the here's the invention. Let us explore its history. Now, we all know today. I mean, we are at a point where maybe we do risk the topic becoming somewhat mundane because everybody knows about lasers now. You know, this is the twenty first century laser research is going on all the time. Yeah. I mean insert as we'll explore a little bit. There have been large scale military projects that have looked at the use of of a particle beam and laser technology to to inflict damage to the, but we have not reached the point of the the classic SCI death. Ray we haven't reached the point where a a beam based weapon is targeting a city or shooting a, you know, an airplane out of the sky, or being, you know, used in Bank robberies by high-tech bandits that sort of thing at least on a large scale me some very good reasons for that not just that like we don't have the technology to do it. But maybe because you know, they're easier ways to accomplish the same goal, right? But yeah. So we're going to be talking about death rays, and this turned out, I think to be a much more interesting and culturally relevant topic than I would've expected because I wanna start a positing something essentially that what people have in mind when they talk about..

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