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Changes to that investing structure in many years why i've got a dial in because i sat down and talked to a smartvestor pro and i know exactly what it is i'm trying to accomplish but again it's very important to have that kind of communication and open into dialogue between you and your spouse and you or your investment professional so everybody gets on the same page remember this is a team process so you need the right people involved in the mix another question you can ask them out on track to meet my goals i mean your adviser should be able to see the bigger picture obviously they have experienced they've walked through they know what's going on they know the expectation of what could be coming and so they can guide your little bit i love to reach out and talk to mind when certain things are going on just the bounce ideas off of them just talk it out those questions i have i will write down the questions and as i meet with them quarterly i will call off senate email or quick text it depends on the relationship you have with your investment advisor but the main thing is having contact staying in touch because it just helps to keep dialogue open and the seven thing you could ask them is what's my net worth really understanding where are you looking at the big picture looking at your net worth and any kind of just moments that you may need to make based on what's going on in the market again knowing where you stand right my assets minus my liabilities equal my net worth and so question number eight of eight burning questions what should i be focusing on over the next year see i like that whether you're ahead or behind your investment advisor will be able to kind of guide you on what you need to be thinking about the things you could focus on i call them some blind spots right opportunities for improvement and again i can't look at it all the time like my investment advisor will because that's their job and so you want to get somebody on your team that understands their job and that is really really good at it okay listen to me i'm talking to you it's really.

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