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The also considered bringing back Harry Sullivan in martyrs character, but the eventually decided well. Okay, we'll just. We're going to bring the brigadier back and which kind of glad they did. Because it's great to have the tradition of. The brigadier meeting another doctor and Those are always fun and. The brigadier being like Sarah Jane Smith One of the main actors who has appeared with so many of the doctors. In doctor, who and then lastly, Johnathan Turner Executive Producer at the time felt that mark strict sins. Blond hair didn't stand out enough. From Peter Davison Blonde hair, so he initially asked marks tricks in shave his head. And he's like no. That's not going to happen. And, so they decided okay well, then we'll working to die your hair red. So, that's not his natural color. Only. His Stylus knows for sure. All right. Okay so four topics like I said. And I. Unfortunately. I didn't have a chance to come up with really cutesy titles. That was very busy this week. So apologies for that, so let's talk about the fifth doctor in the nineteen, eighty-three Brigadier. In Hannah's since you're a special guest. Start off with you first. What do you make of the doctor reunited with the Brigadier? So I? Want to preface this when I. I watched the story a couple of months ago, I had no idea. The rigor deer was going to be in this, and I did not recognize Nicholas Courtney at first without the mustache, but as soon as his I, heard his voice come out, or may or may not have been flailing in squee-geeing on my end. But I think provision I. Yet, but I think gets. It Nicholas Courtney is just one of those actors who has chemistry with everyone and I think he and Peter Davison work well off each other i. Even in the scenes where he's kind of hostile towards the doctor because of his memory blank they. There's definitely Sorta like this Connecticut flow going on and. I, definitely am glad that the they carried on the tradition over to Davidson's fifth doctor so very this. Is a very time. You wind me if you will. But actually works in it, and thankfully we got an explanation for the Briggs Asia so that's cool. All. Right Jesse. What about you? What did you make of? The doctor meeting the older brigadier so essentially like They're almost kind of like meeting different incarnations of each other at this point. I was a little confused at first that why the brigadier didn't recognize him I mean I get at first. He would not know him because you know if I'm the brigadier, not every person I meet and like oh Dr Oh, I wonder if it's the doctor. So that makes sense, but after a few statements, you would think you've done it again. Dr, which is actually he said yes, later in the episode so I. I liked how that. The reveal in that the the pacing of that where you know, he starts remembering and like Oh, the that she had an Australian guy know that girl Shannon Australian accent the it it also. To me. It in this may be just me reading into it and I only watched the episode the one time, but the modern. Brigadier Yes. Seems to be not as put together as the early brigadier and I think that's because of the memory blockage because you notice his. The seventy seven brigadier, everything seems shipshape in his house, right? You know his house is very. Organized than SPA you know since coming up because he's coming out of the military. Yeah, and then the the modern was a lot more relaxed than. Sloppy almost casual, and in fact, the doctor seems surprised about that and I was in when I saw the when we going back in time and saw the original. Aw, something's happened to the. To the Brigadier. That would explain why his you know. His abode would be different I like the interaction between it. One of the regrets I have is a fan. Is that The actor never had a chance to actually be in doctor who proper in the modern era? I know that he was in Sarah. Jane Smith and I and I know they wanted to have them because of illness, he couldn't but I there is. It is one of my phantom regrets. Because he should have, he should've been He earned that right as as a as a character in such a longtime companion to have been at least once had met one of the modern doctors in doctor who proper so good to see him. Happy. guess so. It I always like seeing. Davison though now that you mentioned the the sweater vest. Yes, I am sweating for him. Just almost as much as I am for Tom Baker in the scarf in the Willie Cup, coach. Especially when he's doing all that running right? Now. Go ahead. I had a dream. I was caused playing that once I. Don't own it, but I was roasting in that dream in it. I've always wanted to 'cause. Play the fifth doctor, but never quite put it together. I've got a Panama Hat. But I've got a pullover, but that's as far as it goes, so he's the real kicker. In the dream I look down and I realized that I bought the wrong pants looks. Ono New Stripe Pajama Pants..

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