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And, you know, finds his rhythm a little bit. You'll be using him in those situations and he's a great backup is far as you know, in any kind of Um Position. You want to use them. You've just got some great depth down the middle. You mean not high end elite depth that you see what Jonathan tapes and what we saw from Kirby Doc, but you know, some solid depth down the middle, and that's important versatility. Jeremy Colijn is now at the podium. Let's listen to him is back and forth with reporters. Media. Thank you very much for joining us. We'll start right away with a comment from Jeremy Colton. Yeah, I thought we played well for for a lot of the game, You know, second period. For a little bit. You know, we've got a bit up and down a bit scrambling with our puck plays, but No. The the Murphy goal was big for us, you know, to go in just with a little more breathing room. But overall, the start the third period. Very solid, professional approach. I thought on we were rewarded for it so Obviously really happy for Souter t. Oh, it's a big night for him and Out their team, of course, but a lot of lot of positives for us. Recognizing that we gotta keep getting better. We certainly can't be satisfied with with this performance, But for today, we could be happy. Scott, You're Mike's active, even go ahead. Jimmy, from what you thought suited to some video entering the season. What's translated well to this this level? Yeah, I watched him quite a bit last year when we were Trying to sign him and And just, you know, the beginning of this season. I think he's skating better. I think he's improved just his mobility from Last year to this year. He's very smart player. He's really good around the net, but I think his skating meats allowed him Tonto Dr. Play and get through the neutral zone. Get out of the zone and Obviously explaining some a couple of pretty good players. But you know if you can help them, get out of the zone and get attacking off the rush. And in the offensive zone. It's you can really help us. So you know, I thought It was very strong game for him, but going back even the last couple games. If the production hasn't always been there, he makes a lot of small decisions that It adds up to being a stable, you know, protect his linemates, protect his teammates. And but today great to see him break through offensively. I love that he he was willing to shoot in on that two on one a lot of guys who just looking to give it to caner and you know, I just thought It was really a really good sign, but he continues to wanna be the guy to make a play himself. Camps lying to have a lot of possession. They what element table add to them. And how do you feel like they look? Yeah, I think really happy with eggs. He's skating very well. He's pressure in the park Keys. It was not a lot of glide in his game. He's able to again. He protects the guys on the ice with by Getting back above the popcorn. He doesn't have it and putting pressure on causing turnovers. It's allowed them to play a little more in the offensive zone. And when you're playing against the other team's good players that Z what you need to do. You can't just be defending all the time. So you know, I think the three of them You know, I have had some really good five on ship's the last couple games, and we'd like to use Higgs a little bit on the killer's well so that I could be some area growth form. We go now to J. Cohen with The Associated Press in Chicago. J. Your lines active. Go ahead. Jeremy, another power play goal for you guys today. What are you seeing on the power play this year compared to past years. Well, I think Big part of it is execution. We're being cleaner with the puck breaking pressure. You know, off four guys being an option so we can brake pressure. And then you know, we got think two different. You different ways to scores for us how the units are comprised. Kuby's group former shooting power play and then guys, you want to shoot playing simple but playing clean. And then the other group can use group a lot of movement, a lot of interchange, forcing the killed to sort and re sort, And if you do that enough times and recover Recover enough pucks you're gonna break through, and I think that's that's also a big improvement for our team. We're covering a lot more pucks in the offensive zone on the power play, and that helps you create more. Go now to Pat Boyle with NBC. Sports Chicago Pat your mikes active. Go ahead. Hey, Jeremy, Would you say that the effort and approach that your team took today? Five on five was the approach that you talked about before the season strong in all three zones, winning battles, setting up the next shift. Was this exhibit a of of how they need to play to be successful. Yeah, it was better. I think we've been taken steps forward every game and Sometimes you're going to do do everything right and it's hard. It's a battle it Z not going to go with your way all the time. But you give yourself a chance, and I think the pressure on the puck and willingness to skate and to work and it Tomo worked to get above to get pucks back. That allows you You're gonna have the puck born and then it's easier to play and you're able to play in the offensive zone and draw penalties and and create offense..

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