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But i will say the things i go to aren't just like die hard i think scrooge d- is a genuinely good comedy a little adult a little grownup i love that movie Trying to think back here. Hey batman returns. Oh is christmas and it is one of my favorite movies. And i think like i revisit that just because that would be kind of shaped me as a child i just loved it so much and that so much about that movie the setting and the booth and how it's just it's a tragedy to when it comes to the penguin and cat-woman. I love that movie so much. It's a little early but groundhog day is also one of my favorite films. I think that's something. I always watch around this period as well. I don has one of the weirdest drink orders in film. History that you'll see andie macdowell orders of vermouth with a twist of lime. And that's all the drink and your white was that one of the most scientifically accurate films ever like in terms of the content within it. But you know yeah. Yeah it is but i think that first of all any time is a good time for that movie but i think we did. The commentary for groundhog day on the slash cast with stephen kobetski several years ago. So you can dig that up and check that out. I love that movie just so so much. I'm trying to think of what else is. There are so many new york based wants to be like Don't you save of actually. Don't you say not gonna say love. Actually but one of the the the eddie murphy movie. The eddie murphy. Dan ackroyd oh trading spaces trading places bit of holiday movie as well coming to america which also takes place over the holidays. I love coming to america. One of my favorite movies of all time. So i go back to these movies which reflect kind of holiday mood. They don't necessarily have to be christmas movies. You know how about you norm elf. Obviously a modern classic soak it also new york movie. Give recommendation netflix. A series called the movies that made us kind of spin off of the toys that made us going to behind the scenes of how these are made and they just released two mini. Docs for christmas movies. The christmas movies that made us one for nightmare before christmas and one for elf and both of those are really worth watching great interviews with the cast with the production team and the writers especially and so recommend lows Yeah it's gremlins elephant. You know honestly lord of the rings just because like yeah something in the background right extended addition in those just got bumped up to four k. Hdr on all streaming services and so. It's a this year especially time with his on kennedy question. How are you guys enjoying movies at home. Because right now my mission is eventually turned my basement into a bit of a home theater. So i am looking more heart like more deeply projectors. I had a projector at my old apartment. But now i can have like an actual setup and the bigger screen everything or you guys just being it up or do you have projectors or anything at this point i'm just a and i got caught in a weird cycle for this so i i actually have a like. We have two main. Tv's and the one in my bedroom is actually from two thousand eight but man. It won't die. Yeah and so. I like it's only like seven twenty p but i just i feel guilty about replacing it. I had one. I has let me tell you. I had one of those and my wife. We were installing something in our bedroom and she dropped a pole in the middle of the screen. And i was like. Oh no you killed it. Guess we have to get a new..

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