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We'd like to win here in Boston. So would not deny that there's a level of disappointment. Really no surprise that's Jim Rooney president of the greater Boston chamber of commerce instead New York City and crystal city Virginia win the HQ to sweepstakes. But Amazon already has thousands of workers employed here in Massachusetts. And they're planning for thousands more on the seaport clearly Amazon sees Boston has part of the family if you will. And I think a lot of that will be in function in particular require a talented workforce. And I think that's the growth that will see in the seaport as they say. Onward and upward desperate for cash. General Electric is trying to dig some up in the sofa cushions of its oilfield services company Baker Hughes, and they think they can find four billion dollars. GE is going to float more than one hundred million shares to the public and Baker Hughes will buy back some of its own common stock from the Boston company GE has already outlined plans to dump all of Baker Hughes in the coming years, but investor pressure is forcing it to move a bit more quickly biotech startup Primera therapeutics. It's the private equity markets for sixty five million dollars in new money. The Cambridge based company is working on cancer and inflammatory disease treatments by attacking protein buildup and targeting ways to break that protein down. The new financing will help it to help you help be will be used to help it push. It's leading drug candidates to clinical trials. Hopefully, it says in the next couple of years mixed day on Wall Street with the Dow losing one hundred points. It's four twenty-seven market volatility is back. I'm..

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