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Fan flames or escaped embers. Local burn bans remain in effect for NPR news. I'm Brian Bowl in Eugene, This is NPR. In California, transgender inmates will now be housed on their gender identity. Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law requiring the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to ask inmates during the intake process if they identify as transgender, non Byeon, ery or intersex. Those inmates can then request to be placed in a facility that houses either men or women, but the state can deny requests. If it has management or security concerns. Voters in Switzerland this weekend will decide whether to end the country's agreement with EU on the free Movement of people. Joanna Kisses reports. The referendum was called by the anti immigration party that holds the most seats in the Swiss parliament. Noncitizens make up about a quarter of the 8.6 million people living in Switzerland. Many are you nationals working his doctors, nurses or educators. But the anti immigrants with People's party claims that most migrants are dangerous and likely to go on welfare and that they also takes with jobs. Switzerland is not in the European Union but lets you citizens work in the country. The Swiss People's Party wants Switzerland to end this deal, But polls show that most Swiss voters want to keep it. Supporters of the you deal, say, ending it would deprive Switzerland of skilled workers and isolate the country politically and economically. For NPR news. I'm Joanna Ka kis. Federal authorities are investigating a salmonella outbreak that's linked to dried mushrooms. They were imported from China by a Southern California company. More than 40 people have been sickened..

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