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It's a kind of like lean into the muscle memory of it. Yeah, you don't need to screw us up, and we play like, you know, knock out or whatever. Somebody would be like, hey, do you breathe in or out when you shoot? And I was like, oh, crap. The whole day was ruined, 'cause I'm like, then I'm thinking about it, right? But another great one to do. If you're playing in a game and the guy has to make a free throw to win the game, asking that, we will always dribble. We're getting ready. But yeah, but either way, there's something about that that I think was really cool. The best part about this thing that measures the arc and where it goes in was you need data and you need in a lab, you need to have them shoot like 30 shots before you can do anything and look at it. So you can't coach them. They have to shoot, which is actually good because you don't over coach and I know I'm watching the guy shooting 20 or 25 in a row and I desperate to say this residence but no, in order to get the right data, they need to shoot, you know, the 25 or 30 without talking to them, then you look at how the bunching is in the grouping, then you can suggest something, then they go back and shoot another 20. That to me is probably the best way to work with a guy that player on a shot, then micro managing every freaking shot he takes and trying to add something every time. That just makes it all crazy. And that's interesting because if you think about Katie makes it seems like he's making it in the same spot in the basket every single time. And he's obviously a great shooter. There's no question they have a data. All the good shooters, I don't think they had found one that didn't do that. Didn't have the ability to punch. And it makes perfect sense. It's almost like, of course, but I like that idea is that you're trying to figure out a way where you're putting the ball in a consistent bunching of the rim. And that will make you a consistent shooter. I want to ask an MBA question. Yeah. This is not like exactly the most underperforming team. That being said, I do think the Celtics are underperforming. Do you understand exactly what's going on? Why Tatum and brown can't play together what they can do? Well, they don't have I think they don't have enough connective pieces, guys that can connect those isotype players. And I think the league is going away from ice old ball and those players are kind of dependent on that. And on top of that, they're not efficient in their isos this season. So I think it's a big mess right now, but they definitely need like a point guard or tyrese Halliburton would be perfect for them as I always say to somebody who could connect the team. Well, yeah, go ahead. I feel like teams are kind of going away from the traditional like, oh, we have our superstar, and then we have a point guard running our offense that gets me. That's true. That's true. You're kind of feel like it's on Brown and Tatum to change their style and kind of get everyone more involved. Yeah. As like four versions of Kawhi and Paul George of not as talented, but still getting their points without each other helping out. It's like, you can be really good but not great like that. But both of those guys are worse, Kawhi was never granted facilitating and setting people up and he's gotten better over his years until he averages what 5 and half 63. They got to a point where he was good. He's the hogs..

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