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On alert and on edge. The weekend derives the black fence that surrounded the capital after the attack on january six is back up temporarily where toward determined not to be caught unprepared again. Capital police and other law enforcement have ramped up security to avoid a repeat of what happened on january. Set most. Don't expect this rally billed as a show of support for the insurrectionist still in jail awaiting trial to be very big. The usual suspects from marjorie taylor. Green to matt gaetz are staying. Away and organizers are cautioning participants not to wear pro-trump gear and to act peacefully. Good luck with that. The former guy just couldn't stop himself from trying to whip his followers into a frenzy. This time is showing statement that reads quote our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to january sixth protests concerning the rigged presidential election while he's delusional he continued quote in addition to everything else. It is proven conclusively that we are a two tiered system of justice in the end however justice will prevail. Okay i certainly hope so. And then trumper claimed that the saturday event is a setup. He really is deranged. While the first sign of what could be the end of the country over party caucus of the gop congressman anthony gonzalez of ohio. One of just ten house. Republicans who voted to impeach trump announced that he will not seek. Reelection is said it would have been a brutal primary fight against a former trump aide citing in part threats of violence against his family. Gonzales said that quote he could not bear the prospect of winning if it meant returning to a trump dominated house republican caucus and then he called trump a quote cancer for the country gonzalez who turns thirty seven on saturday as a cuban-american former ohio state wide receiver and first round. Nfl draft pick. He went on to earn an mba from stanford and that's who republicans drive out of their party. Opposite world indeed remember when the former guy ordered an investigation into the origins of the russia investigation melt. They now go and take a look at the oranges. The oranges of the or the that investigation about the muller report the mullahs report. I wish covered the oranges. How it started the beginnings of the investigation. How it started. And then attorney general bill bar appointed john. Durham as special counsel to investigate the origins. Well it's finally over and on thursday. John durham indicted lawyer michael sussman. He represented the dnc and the clinton campaign in connection with russia's hack of their computer system. He's accused of falsely telling the former fbi general counsel james baker in september of two thousand. Sixteen that he wasn't representing any client when he gave the f. b. i. Evidence of cyber connections between the trump organization and a russian bank the washington post said legal experts promptly cast doubt on the cases broader significance saying the alleged transgressions seemed relatively minor given the length of time. Durham's team has been at work. Randall eliason a former federal prosecutor. Her specialized in corruption cases. Said if this is all durham's got it has the feel of trying to justify his existence for the last two years but trump said it was going to be huge now if you wanna talk about worthwhile investigations. The house oversight reform committee is launching one into fossil fuel industry. Disinformation on the climate crisis. Recent reports suggested that the fossil fuel industry has participated in campaigns aimed at creating confusion about the cause of the climate crisis or actively sewn distrust insci- lawmakers plan to invite the heads of six oil companies and major lobbying groups to testify next month. The hearing will align with congress's plan timetable to pass huge climate and clean energy investments. As part of biden's budget bill as well as the un climate conference in glasgow so some fallout on a packed. President biden announced on thursday. That will help australia. Deploy nuclear powered submarines and. It's coming from the french. When he announced the agreement with australia and the uk president said that it would reinforce us alliances a goal as the us seeks to counter china's influence in the pacific but the foreign minister of france. Johnny lodhran said. The pact would prompt australia to withdraw from sixty six billion dollar deal. They struck in two thousand sixteen to buy submarines from france. He called a unilateral brutal unpredictable decision similar to unpredictable and destabilizing policy changes made by the former guy stay tuned in cova news idaho. Public health leaders announced thursday. That they'd be expanding. Healthcare rationing statewide because a huge increase in corona virus. Patients has overwhelmed their hospital system. The policy previously applied only to the northern parts of the state. But the idaho department of health and welfare now says hospitals should observe quote crisis. Standards of care allotting. Icu beds and other limited resources. I to the patients most likely to survive. Similar policies have already been enacted in hospital systems in alaska and montana. I guess these are the death panels. Sarah palin was warning us about and we can't talk about kovic without mentioning florida. The pandemic death toll here in the sunshine state past fifty thousand.

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