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The miles per says a crazy more than all the great unit continues that is first three of the game loud eight point basement say we tend to to here comes cleveland's day and with that trying to go down away zorba's tyree abably and i think he got al nice move bear the baseline fake down the middle and got cash is wednesday to pick up the phone that's his first second round michigan say they may she hasn't mr shattia net three for three now there but right now got to stop the penetration so if they tend to game michigan say will include wednesday with seventeen fifty laps per tab what about terry cobner three ball out front off the room no big rebound by award our past the caches still drumming now the circle brings a back out on the sideline kfor josh step back to open the baseline all nothing but by josh bird that is his first two shoes taken four shots made them all four different players have scored nice mid range game again by lincoln 10point lead for michigan state it is a twelve two games bear comes cleveland staved we're the ball five a were being guarded by lankford anabal finds way back out to apple tree appleby the point guard on the side out a carpenter nothing now accounting for three off the rim no but along rebound comes the carpenter on the side goes over to write drives the baseline and we gotta whistle while they're gonna say he stepped down the baseline it'll be a turnover on the viking so seventeen a wanted to go on this first half a play its michigan state twelve and cleveland say is too and that means you will get the basketball back tommaso fourneaux against the vikings all time i front jackson now it wants abounds parizeau mode bridges jackson a three this worse three and i didn't go all five starters of now score they have in michigan state now three two of two from a long line five of 5 from the field fifteen twogame why does start for missions there are france way come back from the break cleveland sale the basketball appleby as it now my clear now goes the right on the.

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